Sunday, November 04, 2012

Starting new GTK theming named "Lazulum"...


Today I've decided to create new gtk theming because of some reasons.

That's named "Lazulum".  :)

Lazulum, the Latin word was derived from the German word "Lazorstein" what means "Blue Stones". And equal to the Persian word "Lāzuward"...

This word sometimes might have meant to be "Heaven and/or Sky", something like that I suppose. Yeah great meaning!!

So I now have some concepts for this:

  • In contrast to Selene, Lazulum must have light theming.
  • The main hi-light colour turns to sky-blue from deep-ocean-blue.
  • Get more smoothly borders, edges, and gradients.
But today I've only created just a conceptual wallpaper image:

How about it? :-)

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