Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's really beeeeeeeeen a while... :)


I'm back.

  And today I've uploaded bug fixed selene-theme for Precise... So what's the bug? Yeah you might know that the "Overlay-Scrollbar" had to break my theming in many cases especially gtk3 applications, like nautilus, midori, gedit and much much more... :(

Same as mine, some other themes published on Gnome-Look which looks nice without overlay-scrollbar would need some tweaks as well.

Then why now I have to do that?
- Yup because of my tiny boy...

You guys remembered this? :P
Yeah "Raon Digital EVERUN NOTE", right!! lol

This would be the smallest laptop employed AMD Turion X2 dual-core, works pretty good with gallium-3D & radeon driver even for Gnome-Shell 3.6!! Wow nice!! :D
But you know Everun has only 7-inch WSVGA touch screen, and Optical stick pointer... Oh that's really bad... This pointer works with "hid" kernel driver but it didn't seem to improve as 3-Button mouse (means "center-drag scrolling")... So I had an only way to enable Overlay-Scrollbar to enhance the usability of scrolling, damned there's no choice!

Anyway I'm really happy with this tiny boy to work for Ubuntu... Now I'm running Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 on it, and ASAP I would shift to Raring (13.04) alpha release. Forgot to mention, Everun Note needs strongly "Coxlin" utility to enable downvoltaging to save its battery and decreasing damned CPU-fan noise, and more badly thing is that Coxlin only works on 32bit OS environments. Nooooo!!

... I had no choice! What a crazy is to run 32bits on this native 64bit dual-core?! But Coxlin had released by Raon as closed source in 2008 or 2009, now then Raon was closed... A good thing is that Coxlin works even on Precise and/or Quantal 32bit... Hum...

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