Monday, July 16, 2012

[Selene] Gets improvements for Wingpanel? Yep now... ;)

 Current Wingpanel (especially "daily-build" states) gets "menu-items" to be better...

But... one thing.

If you guys wants some "dark" colour theming to fit with it, sadly there's no way to change that colour of backgrounds on "balloon-ish" pull-down menus. Because elementary-devs didn't improve any customizable options to draw this balloon-ish menus only fitted to the default elementary theming colours... grrrr.

 So I'm now hacking Wingpanel to get my selene colour schemes for balloon-ish menus. Then if I've got to succeed building this package on my selene repository, soon you guys would check this changes out! So please wait a minute... :)

 And now I've fixed some bugs on that Wingpanel's pull-down menus. Yeah these menus couldn't draw correctly if theming had defined the "gradients" as "background-image" on menu theming sections, you know. So I had no choice to purge that theming and changed to plain-color backgrounds... X(
Then also I'm wondering why ".highlight" section could be ignored by gradient background, Any ideas?? Anyway still Gtk 3.5.7 or higher seems to needs the floods of fixes to kill tons of bugs, right?  Now I'm really worried about that major release 3.6... Could it be real?? XD

PS: Unico engine could not fix the critical "square everything" bug yet... OMG! And mutter stand-alone session seems to forget the "window-switcher" popup and breaks resume after suspend of my VAIO Z (sandy-bridge mobile),  what a hell?!

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