Thursday, July 19, 2012

[GDM 3.5.2] broken with gnome-shell 3.5.4 or higher.... damned!! X(

Hi guys... It's been a while.

Yeah I've found that today GDM 3.5.2 (published from my testing ppa) had been broken with gnome-shell's latest codes... OMG!

See details in here:
Gnome-Shell git repository changes.

Already known, gdm would employ "libgdm" instead of "libgdmgreeter", so gnome-shell login system could follow it as well. But We've been playing GDM with libgdmgreeter debian packaging for a long time, umm.. well... suddenly why devs had to change it?! X(

Anyone knows how many patches I had to employ that GDM to run on Ubuntu?!
Yeah I know someone would say that "tons of... tons..." grrrrr

So please give me more time to patch (sync) gdm's codes with latest git repository guys! Sorry for that. I now suppose I might have to re-package libgdm as new one.

See you later and stay tuned till I've uploaded those fixes!! :)
If you've found that bug as well, I'm happy with your changes from gdm to lightdm to solve it...

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  1. Hey Tista, don't lose your motivation. I (and many others) are very thankful for your effort to bring GDM 3.+ to Ubuntu.

    Keep the good work (;