Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On my recent topic.

Been a while guys,

Yeah I've been busy for a while on my work... :(

So... Now I've just updated gtk3 to 3.5.5, then what a horrible appearances had appeared!! It seems to be caused on Unico gtk3 engine, right? For example, weird squared border radius what ignores gtk3 theming. And weird backgrounds behind those texts... OMG. :(

On the other topic, did you guys already see "Midori-gtk3" package? Oh nice thing I wanna accept for that (Yep, we don't need to rebuild that package with "--enable-gtk3" option anymore)!! Even though still midori-gtk3 strongly needed lots of tweaks for "Flash" video playback (remembered well, in past Epiphany was looked like that), But anyway gtk3 theming for web browsing could implement a lot of positive benefits, isn't it? :) Also I don't think gtk3 engine could make huge lack of performance...

Today I really hope that Unico developers could solve such bug ASAP... (Basically, gtk3 3.4.2 or lower didn't get such bug with current unico engine.)

If someone want to employ Mutter Window Manager as "Gnome Classic" session, today we might have to patch for some sources of 3.5.2. Already I've filed this bug to Gnome-bugzilla and devs could solve this issue soooo quickly!! Thanks Jasper!! :-) Anyway those patches would commit to main git branch soon... Now I love Mutter than Compiz clearly because mutter/metacity theming could improve fantastic features like Adwaita, So from a couple of weeks ago, I've applied such theming to my selene. However this implementation leads the lack of awesome appearances on Compiz/Unity session, but I really don't care about it now. I suppose that we (means gtk3 theme creators) might have to improve "Gnome-shell/Mutter" theming at first, and then good to add Unity implementation as 2nd priority, right?

Finally Ambiance, Elementary, Adwaita, and so much other theming seem to get better day by day, so I hope my selene also could get more higher ground... And if Quantal could make a "Gnome3" spin project, I really wanna join it!! :) 


  1. Hey friend.. u ok?
    I recently switched to Kubuntu and Kde 4.9.. I can't stand anymore GNOME and Ubuntu latest stuff.
    I found out my old love for kde that I haven't used anymore after kde3.5.. now it is stable, bug free and lightweight.. and qt4 are really amazing. Give it a spin if you haven't done recently :)

  2. Hey mate! :)

    Oh finally you've got KDE4!? lol
    That's really interesting for me because you're a guru of linux desktop experiences..

    And agreed qt4 is quite amazing than gtk3!! so I'm still wondering why canonical would purge unity2d in the release of Quantal... :( If they start developing qt4 new desktop, I think it's really better than standard Gnome desktop or so!!

    Now Gnome3 might walk along the same way what KDE had done in past, yeah now KDE4 seems to be polished well, if so, Gnome3 also might need more love and polish for better experiences... Yep today Gnome3 eats huge resources, heavy, complicated, and gives us the "floods of bugs"!! grrrrrr... damned!! X(

    Finally I'm also going to try KDE4 out ASAP, and I hope if RAZOR desktop could get more features, that's nice... should I move to focusing KDE4 hack!? ahaha. Anyway qt4 engine makes much more beautiful desktop than gtk3 obviously...

    Best Regards,