Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Balsa] Let's start fighting against gtk3 for Balsa!!

Hi guys...

Recently I've been fighting for Balsa mail client especially gtk3 engine...

You guys could see above screenshot showed my Balsa could run with gtk3 engine!! :)

Well known, this git repository presents the main codes to playing Balsa with gtk3. But those codes might need some patches to build though... :(

Anyway my favorite applications no longer need old-school gtk2 mainly today:

  • Web browsing -> Midori
  • Mail client-> Balsa
  • Twitter client-> Gwibber
  • File manager -> Marlin
  • Address book -> Gnome Contacts
  • System settings -> Switchboard
  • Panel -> Gnome Panel

And some other "elementary" applications (wingpanel, slingshot, and so) would be needed to test whether those could run on the latest gnome3 environments, right? Then if could, I really hope that "Synaptic Package Manager" could improve gtk3 compatibilities!! :P Yeah it's really a biggest problem for me... The answer is so much simple: "Ubuntu Software Center seems damned useless for me"... oops! :-P

Finally my desktop always wipes "unused contents" out, So what I'm keeping in my mind is "Simplicity". No need dock, gadgets, monitoring, and even desktop icons... I usually want only both "All-in-one panel" and "Well designed window manager", that's all. In past, I've been living with Fluxbox, and now especially on some Poor PCs of mine, using Pekwm instead of Mutter/Metacity. In opposite, some recent PCs could run Mutter quickly as Gnome Fallback Session with OpenGL, Oh that's nice!!

So why Mutter? --- Yeah today metacity theming already seems to have reached to the edge of customization for theming, But Mutter didn't. :P Yep, we've now got some new features with Mutter theming!! It's really cool, you know... If you guys want the Look & Feel like Gnome-shell on more simple desktops, OK, Let's play Mutter! 

But one thing.

On a couple of days, both Mutter and Clutter seems to be buggy on gtk 3.5.7. Damned crashes! Oh yeah I would hum this song :D

PS: I love Paramore's songs...ehehe.

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