Sunday, May 20, 2012

[Selene-theme] 3.4.3 had been released!!

Hi guys. :)

Today I've released selene-theme 3.4.3!

Yeah this version has "almost dark" appearances... :P

So why now I've been addicted to this dark theming? That's exactly simple. Because there's only a few themings for dark appearance today... and a bit more words, lots of themes seems to get "fork" from "Mac OSX" like "light-theme"... Oh no...

I could say that "If you guys want such Mac's theming, Use Mac!!"

I could accept for that Mac's theming and that's really beautiful and eye-friendly, right. But We're living with Linux, isn't it? :)

And especially on Ubuntu, Ambiance default theming seems to become better and better at least on both Precise and Quantal. If so, the guys "Ambiance lovers" also may be able to accept this Selene especially for dark-menus, dark-window-frames, and dark-sidebars. But one thing... Selene would never apply for that "Orange" color schemes!! So sorry guys!! :P

On couple of years ago, We well knew "Atolm" gtk2 theming, you know. I loved that, too!
So now what?  I love elementary so much...

In this release, still gtk2 theming didn't finished completely and might have some minor bugs, But anyway I would sync gtk2 theming with gtk3's one ASAP. :D


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  1. Hello,

    This theme is compatible with lubuntu or xubuntu 12.04?