Monday, May 07, 2012

[GDM 3.4.1] Today I've bumped GDM to 3.4.1!! :)

Hi all GDM lovers... :)

Today my sleepless nights could be stopped!
Yeah new some hunted patches could solve my GDM's  "login loop" bug appeared on 3.2.1...

Oh Thank God! :)

A couple of days ago, I visited gdm git place, then today, I've found some "daylight" patches to be able to help us, And soon I've applied those patches, finally an ugly fxxkin' issue was gone.

Just now my Launchpad PPA seems to build these packages to deliver this version to you guys. So please wait for it, and give it a try!!

On this period, I named the version "3.4.1-0ubuntu1~tista1~precise". Yeah the latest 3.4.1 had come to our Ubuntu from my PPA... But to be honest, especially for us (means geeks who lives with ConsoleKit/PAM),  3.4.1 didn't make huge differences with 3.2.1.. ahaha!! :) Anyway I now believe "newer is better", are you?

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