Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remembered The Birth of Wingpanel? :)

Hi Guys...

Did you remembered the birth day of Wingpanel?

Yeah I exactly had much fun with it!! :) But today?
I won't say it "Wing" anymore since it has generic panel appearance already without so much differences compared to the others... Pretty awesome? No...

So couple of days I've been playing with such "funny" Wingpanel. :)

Yeah I've done highly modifications  to draw "Plank-ish" theming with completely rendered by Cairo!! Without any themings and so, it only works as "1 binary". You know that sometimes configurable stuff would be strongly needed by Linux Geeks, but is it really anytime you guys want? No, I don't think so. :)

In past someone said, "How could we click the buttons placed in the right side of window-frame when those're Maximized?", "My mother could do that by herself own?", But as I think, "Just kidding!! :)"... So I want to say "What is the purpose that keyboard is jointed to personal computers?!".

For example, at least even Junior-High-School students, they could know how to speed up their own works with keyboard, like on office applications, paint applications, graphical shell file managements, and games. However, why usual developers always concerns too much seriously for this situations?

Mouse has only 2 or 3 buttons as usual, But keyboard has LOTS of keys, isn't it?! :P

It's just my thoughts...

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