Sunday, March 11, 2012

[GMA500] Just testing 3.2 kernel with EMGD 1.10 now...

Hi guys,

Now I'm testing 3.2.0 Ubuntu kernel whether it could become better to build EMGD 1.10 or not...
Yeah Obvously we could build it against 3.2 kernel, and this version has already updated on our 1.10 repository..

But still EMGD 1.10 has a build problem on 3.3.x kernel, grrrr :(

This selene-theme got a new design for gnome-panel.. :)
Since I hate "button-ish" window-list items and now gnome-panel 3.3.91 had come with more flexibilities along with gtk3 theming... Finally we still need much more love to panel though.

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