Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remembered The Birth of Wingpanel? :)

Hi Guys...

Did you remembered the birth day of Wingpanel?

Yeah I exactly had much fun with it!! :) But today?
I won't say it "Wing" anymore since it has generic panel appearance already without so much differences compared to the others... Pretty awesome? No...

So couple of days I've been playing with such "funny" Wingpanel. :)

Yeah I've done highly modifications  to draw "Plank-ish" theming with completely rendered by Cairo!! Without any themings and so, it only works as "1 binary". You know that sometimes configurable stuff would be strongly needed by Linux Geeks, but is it really anytime you guys want? No, I don't think so. :)

In past someone said, "How could we click the buttons placed in the right side of window-frame when those're Maximized?", "My mother could do that by herself own?", But as I think, "Just kidding!! :)"... So I want to say "What is the purpose that keyboard is jointed to personal computers?!".

For example, at least even Junior-High-School students, they could know how to speed up their own works with keyboard, like on office applications, paint applications, graphical shell file managements, and games. However, why usual developers always concerns too much seriously for this situations?

Mouse has only 2 or 3 buttons as usual, But keyboard has LOTS of keys, isn't it?! :P

It's just my thoughts...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

[GDM 3.2.1] May I stop maintaining gdm ? :(


Today GDM 3.2.1 seems too hard to maintain on personal PPA anymore... :(


Yeah in fact Fedora17 would be released "completely without any ConsoleKit" but providing "Systemd" as new features... So now git branch goes along with this change dramatically from a couple of month ago. In opposite, Ubuntu still needs ConsoleKit even if it has some security disadvantages... Additionally, Gnome-Keyring has been updated to 3.3.92 as well.

Exactly today my gdm-3.2.1 have broken on Precise Pangolin with latest gnome-shell codes. On meantime, I've tried "tons of" patchworks while keeping ck for gdm-login routines, but still no luck... :(

I won't make any security-holes by dirty hacks, and now lightdm seems well on multi-display configurations, on user-switching, and so, even though we might have to make some new greeter to fit to gnome-shell's appearance and/or Look&Feel... I wonder it might be even easier than keeping gdm3 alive in the future of Ubuntu...

How it should be...?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nothing but SlickPanel... :)

Today I've tried "Slickpanel" on my VAIO P...

Yeah because this little brother had a only few power to run applications.. So I needed such "light-weight", "super-sexy", "customizable" panel for it.

I could say "Slickpanel" is it!!

Although we should pay much more love to it since it's still living under heavy developments, but anyway for someone who wants sexy-panel, this "Slickpanel" could bring you back to life...:)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

[GMA500] Just testing 3.2 kernel with EMGD 1.10 now...

Hi guys,

Now I'm testing 3.2.0 Ubuntu kernel whether it could become better to build EMGD 1.10 or not...
Yeah Obvously we could build it against 3.2 kernel, and this version has already updated on our 1.10 repository..

But still EMGD 1.10 has a build problem on 3.3.x kernel, grrrr :(

This selene-theme got a new design for gnome-panel.. :)
Since I hate "button-ish" window-list items and now gnome-panel 3.3.91 had come with more flexibilities along with gtk3 theming... Finally we still need much more love to panel though.

Friday, March 09, 2012

[GDM 3.2.1] Now gnome-keyring 3.3.5 breaks my gdm!! X(


Today we've experienced the latest gnome-keyring bumped to 3.3.5 on Precise. Yeah nice thing.

But one thing.

I've noticed that gkr 3.3.5 seems to break gdm's login prompt at all... Damned!! So if you've already updated gkr, you'd better to go back to lightdm soon.

On the other hand, automatic login of gdm seems well, Oh not a clue... :(

Anyway I have to start fixing for it ASAP!