Monday, February 20, 2012

[VAIO Z] A Nice Trick For DMRaid...

If remembered well, from Precise Beta1, the evil was inside of Precise system especially on dmraid disk-managements... X(

So in fact I had to roll-back to Oneiric. Actually Precise couldn't handle dmraid initializations within boot sequence, you know. But today I could confirm this workaround for it:

Yeah this did a trick !! :) Wow !
Then I could run precise on Sony VAIO Z21 again today...

Since it has Intel RAID controller with 2 latest generation SSDs (seems like RAID0). What a amazing speed it had! Could you imagine 1 GB/s as read-out on a laptop ?!

It's crazy, you know... Yep, it's the only "Air" to be able to beat any other hi-end desktops built like a tank. :)

If you guys want anything for perfoemance on linux mobile, let's do "Z"...

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