Saturday, February 25, 2012

[GMA500] Now I reboot to fight against Poulsbo again... :)


From a couple of days ago, I've been re-thinking to pull Poulsbo machines up to the latest Ubuntu user experiences... And so now I'm using Oneiric with EMGD 1.8 to check out what's happened in a meantime that I've been left far from GMA500 Team's works...

Even though still EMGD 1.8 didn't get any performance improvements from that past releases, Already 1.10 seemed to be released. Oh yeah good news... ;)

Then in other hands, we know finally PSB-GFX got "out of the box" in kernel 3.3 or higher with stable. I knew that driver could never be handled perfectly on 3.2 or lower such as Oneiric kernel.. Yeah too bad!

Finally Fedora17 would have so much interesting points for poor graphic drivers. You would be able to use Gnome-Shell with "llvmpipe" swrast of Mesa!! If so, we might run it on psb-gfx without any confused proprietary OpenGL libraries.

The new story had begun?!

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