Sunday, February 05, 2012

[GDM] Today I started to open these packages for Oneiric !! :)

Been a while guys... :)

Yeah exactly I've been busy on my work, so I couldn't update this blog for a while...

Then today I've uploaded gdm 3.2.1 packages to my ppa for oneiric. Why it took very long time? OK. Though I surely knew everyone usually runs oneiric for Ubuntu desktop, But please understand my sight that I always wanna focus to bleeding edge experiences and daily build developments in Ubuntu to see "Where the Ubuntu devs gonna see and go in the future... ;)

Basically, still gdm 3.2.1 needs "tons of" patches to run on Ubuntu. Yeah damned! X( And some more badly news I've experienced to be changed the package name and dependencies to build gdm packages. These didn't run as same as Fedora's one yet, But mostly a lot of featurs had been improved in this release I hope...

1st, I've patched and patched for "dconf" basements for gdm for a long time. Even if gdm might deny some customizable stuff, We could change them a bit via gsettings on terminal.

2nd, Between Ubuntu and Fedora, Which the most remarkable thing to run display-manager? Yeah I suppose it's "VT console managements". From a couple of days ago, I've been testing some tricks to run gdm on VT-7 (you know this as default graphical VT in Ubuntu). So I could suggest this workaround:

  1. Edit this file like this: gksudo gedit /etc/gdm/custom.conf
  2. Add the new line like this: FirstVT=7
  3. Save and exit editors and reboot now.
Then you might be able to fix the VT as gdm starting login console instead of VT8 which could be set by gdm's automatic VT detection codes.

3rd, In policy-kit on Ubuntu, especially on Precise Pangolin, today I've found that the Ubuntu devs were going to purge some packages to be needed to build gdm 3.2.1... Oh nooo!! So I might have to check and fix some dependencies and codes for precise. Now still I haven't any clue to solve the password managements on Gnome session, anyway I have some ideas to do... 

4th, I really hope that gdm could change its gdm-greeter's theming automatically along with gnome-tweak-tool by setting "shell-theme". Since gdm-greeter would be customized via "gdm.css" stylesheet within gnome-shell theme directory. Today gdm only watch the /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme directory without any customizable option. So I might hack this routine to enjoy gdm theming for every users especially for "light users"...

Well I would keep my eyes open for gdm packaging for a while. :)


  1. Thanks for providing GDM 3.2.1, me was perfect. Where you got the wallpaper?

    Excuse my English (Google)...

  2. Hi jaom. ;)

    Thanks for your reporting in gdm experiments...
    Then my wallpaper on that screenshot?

    Yeah it's here: