Monday, February 27, 2012

[GDM 3.2.1] Today I've polished some scripts!!


Yeah Now ppa:tista/gdm-testing PPA is under heavy tests... :)

Today I've added some installation scripts for it. You want to know what happens?

From the initial release, we've experienced ugly issue: Bevause of Ubuntu's "VT" must be always "7" as graphical login, But gdm 3.2.x had ignored that actually... X(

  Some reasons exists behind this fact... 1st is the differences between Ubuntu and Fedora. Yeah well known, Fedora usually run tty1 as graphical environments, on the other hand, Ubuntu needs "tty7" for any display manager to show greeter. 2nd is what caused in plymouth configurations, especially detection of display manager. Today Ubuntu didn't concern about any supports for gdm 3.2 or higher since they already have another DM "LightDM" you know... So plymouth configurations goes along with it naturally right? But it's really messing us!! In fact, /etc/init/plymouth.conf never have any detection for gdm.

  So today I've tried to update some installation scripts to fix those issues above... :)
This release could have custom plymouth.conf to be able to replace original plymouth's one. Installer would rename the stock file to back-up (named "plymouth.conf.dpkg-dvrt"), Then copy my custom one to /etc/init automatically...
And then, this scripts could add new line to /etc/gdm/custom.conf like "FirstVT=7" to set highest  priority for detection VT console tty7...

  Finally that combination would help your issue like "splash zombie" and "strange VT"... hehehe... :P

Now I'm testing this change on Precise to check out whether it happens side-effect critical bugs "show-stopper" or not...

Anyway the Fight still goes now and forever?!


  1. Thank you for your works on gdm for ubuntu!

    I tried it with minimal install from mini.iso. Only gnome-shell, gnome-terminal, firefox, gedit installed.

    plymouth.conf not found when installing gdm from ppa, must be 'touch'-ed before installing again. Put the touch /etc/init/plymouth.conf command into install script if it's necessary.

    Something is wrong with LANG env variable, it must be "hu_HU.UTF-8" in my configured system, but it's "hu" actually after login.

    The /etc/gdm/Xsession 152. line overwrites the LANG "with the one picked from the greeter", however greeter doesn't have lang selector. I commenting out these four lines, nothing's changed.

    1. @zamiere

      Good trials...

      Well, basically did you install plymouth packages on mini.iso?
      my scripts check that file out before install custom one...

      And please check your environments out now to run this command:
      env | grep LANG
      or open $HOME/.profile via your editor...

      I suppose GDM_LANG would follow the value of "LANG", isn't it? and if so, users must control the settings of localization by "language selector".

    2. Logging in with lightdm, hungarian language selected, only the LANG environment variable is different. It's hu_HU.UTF-8.

      With gdm 3.2, LANG variable's value is 'hu' and it's break locale settings, alerts appears in Midnight Commander and the interface is remains english.

      The GDM itself is hungarian, because the /init/gdm.conf (at line 41) sets the locale from /etc/default/locale.

      If I put these lines to /etc/gdm after line 155, it's load the system default language, and if I change the system lang to english, it's change the interface to english after logout-login. But I think it's only a dirty hack and doesn't work for multilanguage environment, where users must switch between multiple languages.

    3. I reinstalled my system from mini.iso command line and LANG is set correctly now. Only your version of gdm installed as display manager, nothing else, and it's works correctly after I touch /etc/gdm/custom.conf with [daemon] section header.

  2. (I tried it yesterday, with previous version, I'll try again with updated.)

  3. Now I tried to purge gdm and install again.
    The /var/lib/gdm directory doesn't created at install.
    Please put gir1.2-gdmgreeter-1.0 to dependencies if necessary.

    1. OK...

      So please sort your wishes because I only have 2 hands and 1 poor brain.. :)

      Then I would add some dependencies to include gir package in the next release...


    2. I appreciate your efforts! I think that this work will makes *perfect* Jan Hoffmann's Ubuntu Gnome Shell Remix. Thank you again! :)

  4. Patch DEBIAN/postinst for enable switching automatic login via control panel:

    if ! egrep -q '^[daemon]' /etc/gdm/custom.conf; then
    echo '[daemon]' > /etc/gdm/custom.conf
    echo 'FirstVT=7' >> /etc/gdm/custom.conf

    1. @zamiere

      I could know what you're saying for that...
      But generally a patch must be defined/made by below command:

      diff -Nur OLD_FILE NEW_FILE

      Yeah because I could not find out where you wanna "add/remove" and/or "replace" to polish that file...


    2. Sending patch as blogspot comment is not the best way but why not? :)


      > # GDM initial configuration
      > if ! egrep -q '^[daemon]' /etc/gdm/custom.conf; then
      > echo '[daemon]' > /etc/gdm/custom.conf
      > fi