Sunday, February 12, 2012

About My Audio Life...

I gotta talk about my "Audio Life". :)

Yeah I love music. Usually people listens music in a lot of ways, in a car, in a bedroom, on a walk, or a living... I also do, especially mine seems "Home Audio".

That picture shows my favorite Fully-Digital-Amp "Millennium MK III" by TacT audio in my house. You know it's very expensive (around over a 10000 dollars ?!) and it employs the world's finest true digital amplifier technology called "Equi-BIT". Yep, this amp only accepts "Digital Inputs" instead of any "Analogue Inputs". So we could say it "Power DAC" exactly. :P

For over 15 years, I've been a "Stereophile" enjoying with such too expensive (mostly Hi-End? OK. laugh me up! ) equipments to playback lots of music... I surely love Linux programming and hacking, then also I really love to listen a music! Pops, Rocks, Classics, Jazz, Operas,  Countries, Bossa, and any style of music...

Guys had any stuff to enhance your own life? :)

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