Thursday, November 17, 2011

[Selene] Back to the future?!

  Today I'm using this desktop showed above... :)
Yep, There's no gnome-shell, unity, xfce, and even lxde!

  That contains LXPanel, Mutter, some indicators, and stuff based on gnome-fallback. Just now I've uploaded this LXPanel featuring Selene to my new PPA:

So from a couple of days ago, this ppa becomes my codebase. :) And I could suggest to polish such "clean" dekstop with LXPanel to try this workaround:
  • Even if LXPanel has indicator-plugins, it still has an ugly issue... Yeah the problem is "order" of indicators.
  • So first you could purge "indicator-application-gtk2" to put indicator-session to right-edge of panel...
  • Then you could add panel item called "system tray" on the left side of indicators to show some other notification icons, application icons and some more indicators.
 Result had been shown above screenshot of mine. :P

Have a nice day!!

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