Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My PPAs had been closed permanently.

Today I had to close PPAs for some reasons, So I won't be able to updates for a while...

Best Regards,


  1. I've been using your PPA and now I'm wondering what to do next. Do I need to purge it and than add for example the ricotz PPA (or other that you recommend).

    How long you won't be able to update one month or more?

  2. Hi stachowski,

    At first I must apologize for that... So sorry.
    And yeah you'd be better to shift to Rico's PPA (ppa:ricotz/testing). then he could provide more proper packaging and had skills...

    So next month I would come back with new ppa maybe... :)


  3. There is no need for apologizing. That's the usual aspect of PPA's. They are maintained by person rather than teams and therefore could be dropped at any time. Besides it's not that my Gnome-Shell is broken because of it.

    - Mateusz

  4. @stachowski

    Yeah that's right.. And I'm waiting for opening the cook of gnome-shell 3.3... :)