Monday, November 07, 2011

[ibus] Why ibus devs took a wrong way to design standardization? :S

Too Bad!

What a hell ibus's panel icon was?!
Yeah we could see the ugly symbolic icon for ibus on 1.4.0 or higher running on Precise Pangolin... :/

So I made this dirty workaround patch to fix proper icons on user selected theming...

Finally you guys could confirm Faenza's "ibus-keyboard" icon properly... :)

In past, Ubuntu devs sometimes surely ignores user theming again and again... Yep, they always only concerning about "Ambiance" and "Unity", then they of course used to wipe the others away from their sights!! damned!! Additionally, the evil is "Ubuntu-software-center" as well. It uses right/left arrow on its GtkToolbar as "Hover" GtkButton style on normal state?! The design team seems Monkey-Train, isn't it?! :S
I really won't fix this issue on my theming... To tell the truth, They "must" fix that button style ASAP!! But to be honest, I had never opened USC, never... :P

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