Thursday, November 03, 2011

[gtk3] Which would you like to employ the "fallback-session" for Precise Pangolin?

For a couple of days, I've been under analysis of "Fallback-session" of gnome3...

Since today our Precise (unfortunately Oneiric as well) might eat huge RAM as default Gnome-shell and/or Unity session!! :S

So I had to re-think yet another session for especially "light-weight"... Actually Gnome-shell and/or Unity had lots of great features to run desktop conveniently though, But on the other hand these features would waist RAM much more...

Now I'm concerning this combination "xfce4-panel" and "mutter":

Yep, I meant cleanest desktop without any docks, system monitors, desktop icons, and special 3D effects. :) Basically xfce4-panel could be changed the appearance by using gtk2 theming, then I had polished some codes for it and already uploaded as my elementary-borderless theme pack... Recently xfce4-panel would be the last one runs with gtk2 on Precise, So I won't be able to fix much codes for gtk2 anymore. Exactly this panel could run as rich smoothly enough and very configurable stuffs as well! And then if we could go with it, panel must have "window list" task manager because of purging any docks.

I suppose such classic panels should improve these stuff:
  • Classical Gnome main menu
  • Window list task managements with right-click menu to control windows
  • Notification areas and hopefully classic gnome-panel-appets
  • Configurable Clock should be placed in panel's centre
  • None complicated requirements for 3D graphic drivers
  • Minimal animated effects to run faster
  • Flexibility for running with various Window Manager as standard Gnome session
In past, I've been addicted in AWN as panel, however it required higher machine spec than any other dock/panel applications. Then sometimes on poor machines, we could not use it for classic panel... :S

Finally Gnome3 already had classic panel "gnome-panel" you know, but today, Unfortunately we couldn't hope much for it. If so, although xfce4-panel still run with gtk2 old-fashion stuffs, It could make sense than gnome-panel I believe... Yeah Only thing we have to do is "re-think" the gtk2 theming like we did in past, Isn't it? :-)

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