Sunday, November 06, 2011

[gtk2] I've re-cooked Indicator-power-gtk2 again... :-)

Today I've been fighting against Indicator-power-gtk2 coding as if in a dream... :)

Why it should be needed?

Yep, LXPanel still runs with gtk2 rendering, and I still love it even if it were stacked with such "ancient" stuff... And LXPanel surely had window-list, indicators, classical menu, theming, and so. OMG, I forgot this seems as "light-weight", too... :P

Although we had to pull some indicators with "gtk2" version, it works well with various window-manager.

That screenshot showed a lot of indicator-*-gtk2s. Now I'm running it on Mutter! :) Yeah I love mutter finally since it draws window-frame on "Anti-Aliasing", Wow amazing beautiful...

But never I had any disadvantages? No... :S
LXPanel couldn't set any indicator's "ordering". Then you could see the Cog didn't place the right-top-edge... :/ Damned!! So I'm concerning to do hack LXPanel to control indicator order like WingPanel...

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