Friday, November 25, 2011

[GDM] Restarting gdm 3.2.0 trials on new ppa! :D

  Guys, Now the time to restarting experimental trials of GDM 3.2.0 on Precise!! :)

  Here is my new ppa:

So try these commands below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tista/gdm-testing
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gdm  libgdmgreeter1 libgdmsimplegreeter1 gir1.2-gdmgreeter-1.0
And if you first install them, It might need some reconfiguration for switching display manager like this:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm
Now I'm testing them on my Precise which employs daily-proposed updates and works good with gnome-shell 3.3.2... :)



  1. Why is the login keyring not automatically unlocked when logging in? I am asked for the keyring password every time.

  2. Hi ~mtvoid,

    It's known issue what I've also experienced... :/
    Yeah it might be caused PAM auth system on both debian/ubuntu...

    And don't forget about that gdm was used to be developed by fedora (almost RedHat) devs, so sometimes we, debian/ubuntu devs had to apply "lots of", "tons of" patches to run it on our system, right?

    I surely want to polish it up, but we should know that we really need debian devs to make patches up! as you know, debian didn't upload gdm 3.2.x yet.

    Finally if I open bzr branch for someone who wants to fight against gdm patchworks, you want to join us? :) and thanks for your reports about keyring!!

  3. Yes, there's something in the new GDM that does not seem to interact with PAM properly. The entries for both lightdm and gdm in /etc/pam.d are identical, yet the gnome keyring is unlocked just fine when logging in with lightdm.

    I don't know if I'll be able to diagnose the problem, but being able to view the source and patches may help!

    Thanks for the response, and the great work you are putting in packaging gdm!