Saturday, November 12, 2011

[e] Wingpanel got real-shadow back recently!! ;)

  What a nice... Wow!!

  Yeah for a long time, Wingpanel could not render such cairo rendered shadow drown on bottom of panel. But today, it come back!

  If you guys want to dive into development state, please try a bzr branch of them. Unfortunately because Precise had got new glib (2.31.0 or higher), we might have to do some patchworks for that souces suited for oneiric... :S Yep, g_thread_init and/or some routines already discontinued on Precise's glib. And then Wingpanel got cmake methods you know? :)

  Finally don't forget that bzr branch is the development states, So it sometimes runs unstable... umm... Good Luck!! :-)

  Now I'm using LXPanel as bottom panel to show window-list, Oh such double panels seems to remember me classic gnome2 appearance... Why bottom panel? OK. Let's explain.
  In this time Wingpanel draws shadow via cairo rendering, but if the other dock/panel placed on top of screens or nearby Wingpanel, it forced to draw shadow for "both". :S So I had to move Tint2 and/or LXPanel far from Wingpanel as workaround... That's the mainly disadvantage of such real-shadow of Wingpanel.
  And one more ugly thing. Today we could choose application launcher via dconf settings, for example, "slingshot" or "cardapio". But, Wingpanel's dconf scheme denies any command options for cardapio. Yeah we sometimes use "cardapio show-near-mouse" to show up cardapio near the gnome-main-menu button, But Wingpanel couldn't do that... Damned! :/ So we might have to edit the startup script of cardapio, or fix Wingpanel's codes... Oh seems hard works?! ;)

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