Friday, November 04, 2011

[e] How about new Slingshot with wingpanel and Tint2? :)

Just now I'm using wingpanel and tint2 without Plank...

Wow!! new appearance of Slingshot seems cool!! :-)

And this Tint2 had to be patched a bit.. Because tint2 always using "dark font-shadow", but elementary needs "light font-shadow" to render dark fonts on light background...

Then I made tint2 theming to be fitted to eGtk look&feel.
Here is my tint2rc: elementary.tint2rc
ASAP I would upload my patched Tint2 to my PPA.

Yep, The only thing wingpanel had not approved is "Window List" task managements. so I employed Tint2 fast&lightwieght task manager instead of Plank dock application... To be honest, I don't like docks and so... :P Although Tint2 didn't improve any perfect match for user-icon-themes, but almost seemded good...

Oh forgot to mention... I gotta have to upload this elementary-borderless theming to improve new wingpanel appearance by light color scheme... But someone might feel a bit disappointed since this theming seemed to be similar to MacOSX... :S But I think OSX looks beautiful and we should learn the points of gtk3 design from there in a lot of directions!

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