Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why I've been living in bleeding edge desktops?

I usually run OS with bleeding edge software especially desktop environments...

Why? Yeah sometimes someone asked me that "why you're living with such unstable" desktop?"... I know sometimes that softwares were unstable, but it might be depended on our own "purpose", right?

On Ubuntu, and/or generic distribution would release the softwares after testing, debugging, patching, and some polishing, but one thing. if so, someone did that before releasing, isn't it? Yeah I'm living in that place. :)
So I gotta go with such "raw" packages to estimate the patches, fixes, workarounds, and release testing. Actually I already updated my Oneiric to Precise pre-alpha! and most remarkable thing is I really wanna know "How this software could run on Ubuntu, Gnome, and this hardware" to polish my every desktops that I really wanted...

Today elementary Pantheon places the most nearest that I want to work with, but Gnome-Shell is really exciting than Unity as well, Since Unity desktop seems to avoid any theming. It's really damned for me!! :/ Although compiz is the great window manager in the world, but now, it's really damned with too much of bugs. And to be honest, I don't need almost compiz's featues on my desktop usage. Yep, I could live without such "animations" (in other words, "useless") things! :-) So I won't be able to join the testing for compiz... Obviously today Mutter becomes very very good, for rendering speed, stabilities and compatibilities. So I really recommend Mutter must be the default window-manager on elementary Luna desktop (Thanks for your attention about typo... Luca :D) instead of Compiz! Desktop Cube?! Oh laughing it up! It completely couldn't make any sense to handle multiple workspaces...

Otherwise, Xfwm4 seems great as well! :)
Fast compositing, lots of configurable stuff, easy theming, and standardizations... Really good.

I suppose today Unity desktop seems the worst. :S But one thing, unity-2d has great featues. Why? Yep, its engine is Qt4! Wow! I like that. Since Qt4 engine seems the fastest rendering, beautiful appearances, easy coding, enable to run on various GPUs, and very aggressive developments. I think unity-3d seems to be dead... :P I really wonder why the devs didn't accept the default desktop with unity-2d instead of unity-3d??? The biggest mystery... So I sometimes use Unity-2d because I want to see the possibilities of Qt4!!

Finally, I would be one of people who wants "Wayland" with gtk3, OK?
Gtk3 has the great featues for "web based applications", "wayland compatibilities", and "enhanced theming" than gtk2 actually, you know. So I also keep my eyes open for Gnome's new features...


  1. "elementary Luca desktop"
    ?!? :)

    the problem with compiz or mutter is that I would like to run the same de+wm on all my machines, on both powerful and cheap devices I own. At the moment the unity-2d & metacity combination is the best choice for me, tomorrow I don't know, I'll see.
    Btw if Kde4 was more Gnomish (HIG guidelines, KISS principle, lighter on resources) I would prefer it over gnome because of the wonderful QT4 toolkit, the only linux toolkit that outperforms on X11.

  2. @Luca

    Ahaha.. fxxkin' typo... :P

    If we could run unity-2d with xfwm4 smoothly, I imagine how wonderful it could be...

    And the time had come I have to check KDE4 out?! I suppose KDE4 might have a bit more compatibilities with our beloved GMA500 than compiz and/or mutter... I've read some article about KDE4, it seems to run well on poor GPU machines... that sounds wonderful. :)

  3. xfwm4 usually runs great, let me try it :)
    It seems to work well, just a few issues.. maximized windows don't hide, no composite and ugly theme. It needs some love and tuning ;)

    unity-2d should drop metacity in the future releases and use a new xrender backend of compiz, at least this was the plan. we'll see

  4. unity-2d with xfwm is possible:

  5. Hi dadederakh. :)

    Oh thanks for your info!!