Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[VAIO Z] Power consumptions for Sandy-Bridge with HD3000 GPU...

Today, from kernel 3.0, Sandy-bridge had been approved on various PCs...

But one thing!

Especially Ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric) and 12.04 (precise) had ugly patch on its kernel... damned !! :/


Yeah though that patch might solve some graphics corruptions, but it killed power saving as well... What a hell?!

So you guys could "re-enable" this options via kernel parameter on grub:


But don't forget about this:
 - This feature might be enabled on such generation 6 or higher model for i915 graphics, so please check you pci-id... And if once you had encountered ugly corruptions on graphics, soon you'd better to disable it. Some types of machines lead this corruptions, for example, Thinkpad X220 and so...

Fortunately my VAIO Z goes well!! Wow!
Then the battery life extended from 3hours to 5hours or longer... Nice. :-)

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