Thursday, October 20, 2011

[VAIO Z] How to dim backlight on startup automatically?

Yep, our beloved VAIO Z (VPCZ2 series) didn't remember the previous brightness setting... :/

So you should dim the brightness on every time you logged in. What a hell?!

I've suggested the workaround for it:

 When a user logged in via display-manager, before reach for the session kick, system must be recovered from the previous brightness setting.

 Sometimes "sudo echo xx > /sys/class/backlight/..." were reported on somewhere, but it's not smart. yeah it might need something like root access right. So we could use "pkexec" system instead of direct access to class files...

  1. If you had any ACPI based backlight on /sys/class/backlight/, Check your favorite value of brightness.
  2. Or if you had some platform special backlight, Also check your favorite brightness value. 
  3. Register a new "startup application" to control brightness via pkexec:

For example, mine has "max_brightness" as "15", so that meant I prefer to startup with "a falf brightness". I think this method is really easy to register and load. :)


    1. Hi Hadi,

      OK... I'm really glad to hear that... :-)