Thursday, October 27, 2011

[e] Gnome-shell-Pantheon theming was really polished... #2

Today I've changed some appearances on OverView...

Yeah I've applied new "Tab style" for gnome-shell's view-tab elements, "Windows", "Application" and "Journal". :-) I believe this feature would be more sexy lools like next elementary's marlin, switchboard, and some more configuration tab...

ASAP I'm going to upload this version and purge some heavy background images...


  1. The others view-tab elements may be youtube is cool. I want to see, download and upload youtube in one view

  2. Hi Hadi. ;)

    Please let me know some details of your comment! :)
    You meant that you've been waiting for something like "Youtube Video Handler extension of Gnome-Shell" or so?
    If so, I didn't have any ideas now, but someone might develop such amazing extensions...