Thursday, October 20, 2011

[e] Gnome-shell-Pantheon theming was really polished so far!! :-)

More elegant, More smooth, and More eye-friendly!

On this version, I was seriously focusing the "overview". Yeah I suppose if it looks like "Maximized applications" or something like that, be Good!!

So this time, I had purged a lot of transparency pixmaps and glossy surfaces. Actually today many much of gnome-shell themes would like to use such transparent and brilliant surfases, Is it really good for operating? :S Although elementary theming always had "low-contrast" fonts on its color-scheme, but this time, I cared about it. Yeah contrasts of font rendering got a bit more better to read out.

Just now I've committed this version on my precise PPA:

ASAP I would fork it to oneiric's one... :)

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