Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why I've been living in bleeding edge desktops?

I usually run OS with bleeding edge software especially desktop environments...

Why? Yeah sometimes someone asked me that "why you're living with such unstable" desktop?"... I know sometimes that softwares were unstable, but it might be depended on our own "purpose", right?

On Ubuntu, and/or generic distribution would release the softwares after testing, debugging, patching, and some polishing, but one thing. if so, someone did that before releasing, isn't it? Yeah I'm living in that place. :)
So I gotta go with such "raw" packages to estimate the patches, fixes, workarounds, and release testing. Actually I already updated my Oneiric to Precise pre-alpha! and most remarkable thing is I really wanna know "How this software could run on Ubuntu, Gnome, and this hardware" to polish my every desktops that I really wanted...

Today elementary Pantheon places the most nearest that I want to work with, but Gnome-Shell is really exciting than Unity as well, Since Unity desktop seems to avoid any theming. It's really damned for me!! :/ Although compiz is the great window manager in the world, but now, it's really damned with too much of bugs. And to be honest, I don't need almost compiz's featues on my desktop usage. Yep, I could live without such "animations" (in other words, "useless") things! :-) So I won't be able to join the testing for compiz... Obviously today Mutter becomes very very good, for rendering speed, stabilities and compatibilities. So I really recommend Mutter must be the default window-manager on elementary Luna desktop (Thanks for your attention about typo... Luca :D) instead of Compiz! Desktop Cube?! Oh laughing it up! It completely couldn't make any sense to handle multiple workspaces...

Otherwise, Xfwm4 seems great as well! :)
Fast compositing, lots of configurable stuff, easy theming, and standardizations... Really good.

I suppose today Unity desktop seems the worst. :S But one thing, unity-2d has great featues. Why? Yep, its engine is Qt4! Wow! I like that. Since Qt4 engine seems the fastest rendering, beautiful appearances, easy coding, enable to run on various GPUs, and very aggressive developments. I think unity-3d seems to be dead... :P I really wonder why the devs didn't accept the default desktop with unity-2d instead of unity-3d??? The biggest mystery... So I sometimes use Unity-2d because I want to see the possibilities of Qt4!!

Finally, I would be one of people who wants "Wayland" with gtk3, OK?
Gtk3 has the great featues for "web based applications", "wayland compatibilities", and "enhanced theming" than gtk2 actually, you know. So I also keep my eyes open for Gnome's new features...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

[e] Gnome-shell-Pantheon theming was really polished... #2

Today I've changed some appearances on OverView...

Yeah I've applied new "Tab style" for gnome-shell's view-tab elements, "Windows", "Application" and "Journal". :-) I believe this feature would be more sexy lools like next elementary's marlin, switchboard, and some more configuration tab...

ASAP I'm going to upload this version and purge some heavy background images...

Monday, October 24, 2011

[GDM 3.2] I've got a debian patches for 3.0.4...

Yeah Today I've found debian works for gdm 3.0.4...

And I also want to fix "VT7 init crash" issue...
What happened on our Ubuntu?

Today we Ubuntu users usually use tty7 for graphical display manager like gdm, lightdm, xdm and so. but on the other hand, fedora did as tty1... :S
Although gdm was designed for fedora system strongly, And now we might have to fix this routines to fit our distribution...
So this issue must cause some critical sudden crash after login into gnome-session via gdm 3.2 on every ubuntu release I suppose. In previous, gdm 2.2 and/or 2.3 series had similar issues, but in that time Ubuntu devs had applied patches and seemed to be solved...

Finally now we had experienced that issue on gdm 3.2.0 again! :/

when I saw the debian patches, this might solve gdm3 series on this issue perfectly!! :)
So today I gotta go patching with new one on my gdm 3.2 package...

Stay tuned!!


I've added this patch to fix init tty1 crashes on oneiric/precise:

Good works! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Gnome-Shell] WindowList Extension was polished...

Just now I've pushed this version to my precise PPA... :)

* Fixed application name from "apps name" to "current work name". For example, web browser could show its opened page title.

* Fixed some minor JS errors.

* Synced upstream codes.

* Added popup-menu with right-click. it shows window control menus like "close", "minimize", "maximize", "unmaximize"... Wow!! But in this version only improved "close" and "minimize". :S Since "maximize" caused shell crash?! damned...

If you guys had any patches, please let me know!! :-)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

[e] Gnome-shell-Pantheon theming was really polished so far!! :-)

More elegant, More smooth, and More eye-friendly!

On this version, I was seriously focusing the "overview". Yeah I suppose if it looks like "Maximized applications" or something like that, be Good!!

So this time, I had purged a lot of transparency pixmaps and glossy surfaces. Actually today many much of gnome-shell themes would like to use such transparent and brilliant surfases, Is it really good for operating? :S Although elementary theming always had "low-contrast" fonts on its color-scheme, but this time, I cared about it. Yeah contrasts of font rendering got a bit more better to read out.

Just now I've committed this version on my precise PPA:

ASAP I would fork it to oneiric's one... :)

[VAIO Z] How to dim backlight on startup automatically?

Yep, our beloved VAIO Z (VPCZ2 series) didn't remember the previous brightness setting... :/

So you should dim the brightness on every time you logged in. What a hell?!

I've suggested the workaround for it:

 When a user logged in via display-manager, before reach for the session kick, system must be recovered from the previous brightness setting.

 Sometimes "sudo echo xx > /sys/class/backlight/..." were reported on somewhere, but it's not smart. yeah it might need something like root access right. So we could use "pkexec" system instead of direct access to class files...

  1. If you had any ACPI based backlight on /sys/class/backlight/, Check your favorite value of brightness.
  2. Or if you had some platform special backlight, Also check your favorite brightness value. 
  3. Register a new "startup application" to control brightness via pkexec:

For example, mine has "max_brightness" as "15", so that meant I prefer to startup with "a falf brightness". I think this method is really easy to register and load. :)

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    [VAIO Z] Power consumptions for Sandy-Bridge with HD3000 GPU...

    Today, from kernel 3.0, Sandy-bridge had been approved on various PCs...

    But one thing!

    Especially Ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric) and 12.04 (precise) had ugly patch on its kernel... damned !! :/;a=blobdiff;f=drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_drv.c;h=eb91e2dd791495ed5f40575a4f2190a0b8ad276c;hp=58222e86e2914710389c45bb796c2751d1f4d671;hb=05bd42688dbc066d4e2689b6f73c0470601f788b;hpb=a7b85d2aa63ed09cd5a4a640772b3272f5ac7caa

    Yeah though that patch might solve some graphics corruptions, but it killed power saving as well... What a hell?!

    So you guys could "re-enable" this options via kernel parameter on grub:


    But don't forget about this:
     - This feature might be enabled on such generation 6 or higher model for i915 graphics, so please check you pci-id... And if once you had encountered ugly corruptions on graphics, soon you'd better to disable it. Some types of machines lead this corruptions, for example, Thinkpad X220 and so...

    Fortunately my VAIO Z goes well!! Wow!
    Then the battery life extended from 3hours to 5hours or longer... Nice. :-)

    [gtk3] My PPA is now willing to target "Precise"...


    Now I'm moving on shifting resources to Precise, So a lot of git pullings would be applied on my PPA for Precise from today...

    Yeah I had some reasons:
    1. Some upstream gnome3 stuff would be included on precise as default than oneiric.
    2. Oneiric had been released officially, So everyone didn't need git news anymore.

    If you guys were already register my PPA for gtk3:
    And if you guys already moved to precise, then you should re-register PPA...

    Just now I've uploaded gnome-shell 3.2.1, mutter-3.2.1, gdm-3.2.0, and gnome-shell-extensions-3.2.1 (pre-bumped)... :P

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    [e] scratching the Overview of gnome-shell...

    The new design makes the new experiences...

    Yep, based on the elementary Web page, and to be fitted to my gdm-greeter as well. :)

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    [gdm 3.2] "e" theming for gdm-greeter goes well... :P

    Yeah it seems more modern than lightdm/unity-greeter!! :)
    And the most remarkable thing is the fact that we could make theming via css file like gnome-shell and/or gtk3... Nice features. However we had experienced some issues on gdm-greeter, but looks nice... :)

    On the other hand, how the lightdm was? No... unity-greeter seems lazy by using pixmaps without any gtk3 theming guide-line... :/

    I'm willing to polish mine and scratch new greeter for lightdm now...

    Sunday, October 09, 2011

    [VAIO Z] RAID0 striping seems good to readout... :)

    On my VAIO Z, I've employed RAID0 striping via hardware-raid. However Level-0 didn't improve any higher redundancy for disk crashes, but otherwise it improve the higher performance for readout sequential.

    Then Disk-1 and 2 scores around 520 MB/sec on each, so RAID-0 goes nearly 1 GB/sec!! lol

    Yeah it's absolutely fast. Especially on reading apt, calling zeitgeist, and search... VAIO Z isn't only for speed on boot, but also "on running". :)

    Saturday, October 01, 2011

    "The Ultimate Mobile" VAIO Z had come to my home!!

    Yesterday I've got a new main PC...

    Yeah VAIO Z 2011 model!! :-)

    Official Store Page

    ...Unbelievable Performance! I really hate Intel Products, but I had to confirm this amazing performance now...

    Would you like to see my bootchart?

    What a fuxxin' crazy speed it had... seems to be loaded gnome-shell desktop under 8 seconds. totally the time to be set wifi connections, maybe "Under 10 Seconds".

    And I've selected Full HD panel 1920x1080 as Owner-made, it completely beautiful I've never seen before.

    EDIT (Oct 02, 2011)
    What a freakin' score gtkperf showed!! lol
    GtkPerf 0.40 - Starting testing: Sun Oct  2 20:05:48 2011

    GtkEntry - time:  0.07
    GtkComboBox - time:  0.88
    GtkComboBoxEntry - time:  0.68
    GtkSpinButton - time:  0.11
    GtkProgressBar - time:  0.05
    GtkToggleButton - time:  0.12
    GtkCheckButton - time:  0.12
    GtkRadioButton - time:  0.20
    GtkTextView - Add text - time:  0.47
    GtkTextView - Scroll - time:  0.24
    GtkDrawingArea - Lines - time:  0.88
    GtkDrawingArea - Circles - time:  0.96
    GtkDrawingArea - Text - time:  0.64
    GtkDrawingArea - Pixbufs - time:  0.11
    Total time:  5.53