Sunday, September 18, 2011

[gtk3] Epiphany 3.1.91 got closer to "e" look&feel like Midori...

Today I'm using Gnome native applications instead of "famous" apps. :P

Yeah obviously these apps still might not be popular, you know, but in opposite, gtk3/gtk2 works nicely!! lol

* Shell --- Gnome-Shell 3.1.91+git
* Web --- Epiphany 3.1.91+git
* Mail --- Balsa 0.4.10+git

And also elementary apps!

* Address Book --- Dexter 0.18
* File Manager --- Marlin 0.1

I don't like Firefox, ThunderBird, Chromium, Evolution, Nautilus and such "popular" apps... :P Because these sometimes breaks sexy gtk theming at all!! damned!! and in almost cases, these had "cluttered" interfaces, in other words, useless... I didn't need such full of options in front of interfaces, these options must be hidden on one toolbar button like elementary's HIG...

And GtkMenubar is horrible! :/
Yep, for the use of our general desktops, it might be needed all the time? No... So I haven't any ideas why gnome3 team had not forced devs to employ "Show/Hide menubar" options to make gtk3 apps... The big mystery...

Did you see the face of Firefox and/or Chromium? OMG... It's so far from "beauty"... Opera? ...speechless.

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