Monday, September 19, 2011

[gnome-shell] Cardapio menu extension is COOL!!

A couple of days ago, Cardapio Team seems to fight against Gnome-Shell extension!! Wow!!

But they now are using older gs than 3.0.4, so I had to scratch the codes.. :S then anyway I really love cardapio... Why?

  • Cardapio could provide "typing search".
  • this search seems quite FAST!! :)
  • cardapio presents some type of add-ons for AWN, wingpanel, gnome-panel, docky, and gnome-shell as well.
  • we could use generic gtk2 theming for it.
My elementary-borderless theme had such compatibilities for cardapio already, and then I have to port cardapio team's build to mine on oneiric ASAP... :)

Finally I'm willing to include this extension into my package hopefully... Since the average users might need such classical menu style on Gnome-Shell, not only menu style, but also "typing search"!! Yep, default apps menu extensions didn't fit to our click speed.. :P


  1. Unfortunately the Cardapio Shell extension doesn't work in Oneiric... do you by any chance know how to get it working?

  2. Hi Andrew,

    today I also stayed under unstable cody...
    here is today's extension.js:

    but we might have to polish it more and more...

  3. @Andrew,

    I've polished extension.js to work on

    please give it a try!! :)

  4. Thanks, I'll give it a try now!