Thursday, September 08, 2011

[e] Why I had only "Close Button" on window title?

I had some reasons:

  • When we minimize/maximize the window, we usually didn't pay much attentions, right?
  • But when closing, we should pay more and more attentions.
  • Today for more sexy window title, a lot of themes applied thin title.
  • Tiny minimize/maximize button sometimes make us ugly.
So I had wipe minimize/maximize button away from window title...

How I do minimize/maximize? :S

Yeah that's easy! :)
Metacity/Mutter could change the behaviors of them for window title. when double clicking title, do "maximize" the window, when middle clicking title, do "minimize" the window. if so, we don't need any small area for that actions, yeah window title actually WIDE & BIG than any other button, you know!! :-)

In case only when we close the apps, we must click the "Close" button carefully...

Finally, sometimes someone asked me "How do you resize the window without any grip like your theme?"

No Problem! Today Mutter has "resize margin" on window edge!! that's nice ideas. So transparency resize area could make us happy I believe. and this area could be controlled the width via dconf-editor, amazing!

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