Thursday, September 22, 2011

[e] Midori 0.4.0 had revived with webkit 1.5.2... Wow!!

Yeah the "fastest browser" had revived! :)

Exactly Midori seems faster than any other famous browser on almost everything, that's the reason why I love it...

For me, the "speed" is really important on everything. so nobody can't stop me to search for "fastest"!! :-)

From a couple of weeks ago, Midori 0.4.0 had to stand in front of newer webkit-gtk engine. Yep, 1.5.1 or higher version appeared. Of course my PPA has 1.5.2 as well. After releasing 1.5.2, I'm researching the performance on a lot of webkit based apps, especially Midori, unfortunately it had huge bug with webkit 1.5.2... :S

But the time has come!
Yeah devs polished many, many pieces of Midori day by day, then the bzr:
Revision #4007 seems did it!! Woooooooooooww!! Just now I'm trying this revision, seems to be fixed some crashes perfectly.

Thanks again and again devs!!

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