Sunday, September 25, 2011

[AWN] Come back to my life, Avant...

For a couple of months, while releasing Oneiric, I unfortunately slipped away from AWN... :(

But now, it seems to be appeared on my sights!! I prefer to avant, yeah that's the reason why it's completely "all-in-one" dock/panel application I've never seen before...

And then Gnome-Shell released 3.1.92 on main repository for Oneiric, so I've almost finished git trials. And so, I'm willing to go back to AWN and/or Pantheon!!

... What's up on Pantheon?

Yep, wingpanel/Slingshot are now under heavy developments. However Slingshot seems to be failed to kick from wingpanel by Segfault... damned! but soon it might be solved by sexy devs... :)

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