Sunday, September 25, 2011

[AWN] Come back to my life, Avant...

For a couple of months, while releasing Oneiric, I unfortunately slipped away from AWN... :(

But now, it seems to be appeared on my sights!! I prefer to avant, yeah that's the reason why it's completely "all-in-one" dock/panel application I've never seen before...

And then Gnome-Shell released 3.1.92 on main repository for Oneiric, so I've almost finished git trials. And so, I'm willing to go back to AWN and/or Pantheon!!

... What's up on Pantheon?

Yep, wingpanel/Slingshot are now under heavy developments. However Slingshot seems to be failed to kick from wingpanel by Segfault... damned! but soon it might be solved by sexy devs... :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

[e] Experimental Unity-Greeter "e" theming now... #2

Today I've polished it a bit...

* Added panel-ish background on top by cairo drawing...
* Changed hidden password chars from "star" to "dot"...

On the other hand, elementary's ppa now seems to make webkit-greeter up:

The design seems quite different from any previous one... but anyway it's very sexy!! :)

Keep up the great work devs!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

[e] Midori 0.4.0 had revived with webkit 1.5.2... Wow!!

Yeah the "fastest browser" had revived! :)

Exactly Midori seems faster than any other famous browser on almost everything, that's the reason why I love it...

For me, the "speed" is really important on everything. so nobody can't stop me to search for "fastest"!! :-)

From a couple of weeks ago, Midori 0.4.0 had to stand in front of newer webkit-gtk engine. Yep, 1.5.1 or higher version appeared. Of course my PPA has 1.5.2 as well. After releasing 1.5.2, I'm researching the performance on a lot of webkit based apps, especially Midori, unfortunately it had huge bug with webkit 1.5.2... :S

But the time has come!
Yeah devs polished many, many pieces of Midori day by day, then the bzr:
Revision #4007 seems did it!! Woooooooooooww!! Just now I'm trying this revision, seems to be fixed some crashes perfectly.

Thanks again and again devs!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[gnome-shell] Cardapio menu extension had landed on my PPA! :-)

Yep, just now I've uploaded it to my PPA:

But one thing...
My PPA has a lot of bleeding edge packages without recommended "fool-proof"... :P
So this is the "trial step" for it:

* gnome-shell 3.1.91 or higher.

  1. Download my package from launchpad: Link
  2. Install via "sudo dpkg -i FILE_NAME".
  3. Activate this extension via gnome-tweak-tool.
That's it.

Have a nice day! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

[gnome-shell] Cardapio menu extension is COOL!!

A couple of days ago, Cardapio Team seems to fight against Gnome-Shell extension!! Wow!!

But they now are using older gs than 3.0.4, so I had to scratch the codes.. :S then anyway I really love cardapio... Why?

  • Cardapio could provide "typing search".
  • this search seems quite FAST!! :)
  • cardapio presents some type of add-ons for AWN, wingpanel, gnome-panel, docky, and gnome-shell as well.
  • we could use generic gtk2 theming for it.
My elementary-borderless theme had such compatibilities for cardapio already, and then I have to port cardapio team's build to mine on oneiric ASAP... :)

Finally I'm willing to include this extension into my package hopefully... Since the average users might need such classical menu style on Gnome-Shell, not only menu style, but also "typing search"!! Yep, default apps menu extensions didn't fit to our click speed.. :P

Sunday, September 18, 2011

[gtk3] Epiphany 3.1.91 got closer to "e" look&feel like Midori...

Today I'm using Gnome native applications instead of "famous" apps. :P

Yeah obviously these apps still might not be popular, you know, but in opposite, gtk3/gtk2 works nicely!! lol

* Shell --- Gnome-Shell 3.1.91+git
* Web --- Epiphany 3.1.91+git
* Mail --- Balsa 0.4.10+git

And also elementary apps!

* Address Book --- Dexter 0.18
* File Manager --- Marlin 0.1

I don't like Firefox, ThunderBird, Chromium, Evolution, Nautilus and such "popular" apps... :P Because these sometimes breaks sexy gtk theming at all!! damned!! and in almost cases, these had "cluttered" interfaces, in other words, useless... I didn't need such full of options in front of interfaces, these options must be hidden on one toolbar button like elementary's HIG...

And GtkMenubar is horrible! :/
Yep, for the use of our general desktops, it might be needed all the time? No... So I haven't any ideas why gnome3 team had not forced devs to employ "Show/Hide menubar" options to make gtk3 apps... The big mystery...

Did you see the face of Firefox and/or Chromium? OMG... It's so far from "beauty"... Opera? ...speechless.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

[e] Experimental Unity-Greeter "e" theming now...

Yep, Unity-greeter is the famous theme of lightdm employed Oneiric. :)

But unfortunately that theming is now only for "Ambiance" ubuntu default theming... No.. No..

So I'm now making theme for elementary-ish greeter concept!! :-) this greeter had been pushed to my PPA already, then you guys could install it on test bench!!

* Faenza icon theme was recommended strongly.
* My elementary-borderless gtk2/3 combo theme was recommended.
* Droid truetype font sets is better to see (elementary uses it as default).

Today this theme is under heavy polishes, please stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[gtk3] Epiphany 3.1.91 goes on Adobe Flash!! :)

Today I've been trying to sync to upstream "Epiphany" browser...
And also I've updated webkit to 1.5.2! wow! lol

Epiphany is now almost only browser employed native gtk3, then webkit as well. unfortunately it's under heavy developments, but I could confirm their cody. :P

So how to use flash plugins on the latest ephy?

  1. install adobe flash via normal way.
  2. install "nspluginwrapper" via sudo apt-get install nspluginwrapper.
  3. register the flash plugins via  sudo nspluginwrapper -i /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/
  4. check the registered list via nspluginwrapper -l.
  Original plugin: /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/
  Plugin viewer: /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer
  Wrapper version string: 1.4.4-1
  Original plugin: /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/
  Plugin viewer: /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer
  Wrapper version string: 1.4.4-1

 If you got such above output, it's GOOD!! :)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

[e] Why I had only "Close Button" on window title?

I had some reasons:

  • When we minimize/maximize the window, we usually didn't pay much attentions, right?
  • But when closing, we should pay more and more attentions.
  • Today for more sexy window title, a lot of themes applied thin title.
  • Tiny minimize/maximize button sometimes make us ugly.
So I had wipe minimize/maximize button away from window title...

How I do minimize/maximize? :S

Yeah that's easy! :)
Metacity/Mutter could change the behaviors of them for window title. when double clicking title, do "maximize" the window, when middle clicking title, do "minimize" the window. if so, we don't need any small area for that actions, yeah window title actually WIDE & BIG than any other button, you know!! :-)

In case only when we close the apps, we must click the "Close" button carefully...

Finally, sometimes someone asked me "How do you resize the window without any grip like your theme?"

No Problem! Today Mutter has "resize margin" on window edge!! that's nice ideas. So transparency resize area could make us happy I believe. and this area could be controlled the width via dconf-editor, amazing!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

[Gnome-Shell] How your desktop performance of gs was? :P

Today We could run the git upstream released 3.1.91 !! wow!!
 And both Gnome-Shell/Mutter combination had been polished a lot of roughly codes...

In this period, I felt better to run gs 3.1.91 as performance.
the "gtkperf" said like this:
 GtkPerf 0.40 - Starting testing: Wed Sep  7 15:59:46 2011

GtkEntry - time:  0.19
GtkComboBox - time:  3.01
GtkComboBoxEntry - time:  2.44
GtkSpinButton - time:  0.32
GtkProgressBar - time:  0.18
GtkToggleButton - time:  0.45
GtkCheckButton - time:  0.30
GtkRadioButton - time:  0.55
GtkTextView - Add text - time:  1.40
GtkTextView - Scroll - time:  0.81
GtkDrawingArea - Lines - time:  2.82
GtkDrawingArea - Circles - time:  3.60
GtkDrawingArea - Text - time:  2.02
GtkDrawingArea - Pixbufs - time:  0.42
Total time: 18.53

In past, standard metacity 2D scores around 14sec and so, this result of gs/mutter seems GOOD!! :)
You guys already knew, my machine is Thinkpad X121e:

  • AMD Fusion APU 
  • E-350 dual-cored 1.6 GHz
  • Radeon HD 6310 graphics
  • 11.6 inch HD LCD 
  • Realtek rtl8192ce Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • 3 cell battery 
This tiny TP didn't have even powerful silicons,  but it's enough for me! :-)


On the other hand, Unity-3D says:

GtkPerf 0.40 - Starting testing: Wed Sep  7 16:16:08 2011

GtkEntry - time:  0.13
GtkComboBox - time:  2.43
GtkComboBoxEntry - time:  1.87
GtkSpinButton - time:  0.38
GtkProgressBar - time:  0.17
GtkToggleButton - time:  0.34
GtkCheckButton - time:  0.44
GtkRadioButton - time:  0.77
GtkTextView - Add text - time:  1.31
GtkTextView - Scroll - time:  0.76
GtkDrawingArea - Lines - time:  7.01
GtkDrawingArea - Circles - time: 12.64
GtkDrawingArea - Text - time:  4.79
GtkDrawingArea - Pixbufs - time:  0.82
Total time: 33.87

...OMG! No...

        Monday, September 05, 2011

        [gnome-shell] WindowList extension for 3.1.90 had landed!! :)

        I've been coding for a while to enable window-list extension again...

        Today I've got it!!
        The window-list extension were originally written by Kurt Rotmann:

        Then I modded it to aprove 2 features mainly:
        1. that extensions didn't handle the event of "minimize/unminimize window", I solved.
        2. From 3.1.4, Gnome-Shell has new extension formatting, so I had to scratch the extension.js mostly... Not it works well on 3.1.90, too!!

        extension.js of mine is here:

        I relly like this extension. Yeah looks like classical gnome-panel's "task manager"... :-)

        Thursday, September 01, 2011

        [gnome-shell]3.1.90 had landed!! :)

        First I wanna say thanks to Rico!!

        And now my PPA had been finished roughly for 3.1.90 families! :P

        Yeah UserMenu had been updated and got more integrations for IM and communications...

        But most remarkable thing is the mutter!! Yep, today it works as the best window manager for the point of "rich interfaces". Unfortunately rendering performance got slower a bit, however window resize, smoothly animations, and basic behaviors had been polished amazingly. :) On the other hand, Compiz still goes ugly unstable way and too many useless plugins for me... X( Obviously Compiz has a lot of exciting features on window switcher, but for me, almost always I had disabled such features looks like wasting resources...