Monday, August 01, 2011

Let's saving the power with Granola!!

Which did you guys prefer to as power saving tools?
me? I'm loving "granola" so much. :)

The granola for linux takes a lot of advantages on both Intel and AMD platform  to save the power... it would be the best replacement stuff from "cpufreqd". today on oneiric, unfortunately default cpufreqd seems wasting much power as running. for example, my X120e has AMD E-350 "Fusion APU", but cpufreqd didn't handle lowest clock 800 MHz... damned. E-350 had 3 states on CPU frequency. 1.6 GHz, 1.28 GHz and 800 MHz. however only granola seems to be good to decrease the clock to lowest 800 MHz obviously. and most remarkable thing is that granola didn't need any special tunings to run as well-balanced "ondemand" power saving daemon, yeah download it, install it and reboot. that's all. in this period, granola team didn't have oneiric package, but don't worry about that. natty package could be installed and run on oneiric perfectly!! :P

Oh forgot to mention! the machine heating could be solved dramatically as well!! so if you guys has something like  "Hotplate" computing, let's granoling! :-)

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