Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[gtk3]Revive the "Run Dialog" on gnome-shell!!

In a couple of days ago, we had experienced the ugly situations on gnome-shell... X(

Yeah "Run Dialog" when pressing Alt+F2 ignores any inputs, so it always said "command not found"... OMG...
After googling, it seems to be caused this patch:

Finally I've uploaded dispatched version to my PPA... and now I'm testing it by myself, it seems OK!! :)

Why I had focused that tiny dialog?

Yep, we sometimes need to run some gtk apps with "gksu", but unfortunately overview of gnome-shell couldn't handle it properly. or we had kicked terminal whenever we need such super-users? no... no... that's the reason why I've reverted it, you know. :P

EDIT Jul.24

I've found this workaround caused the failure of python's gobjects... X(
For example, gnome-tweak-tool. yeah it gave me the errors on python. so in this period, I had to purge dispatched gobject, and then, I've also push the new pygobject package to PPA... yeah ver.2.90 would help us I hope.

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