Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[gtk3]Kill the "menu_proxy"!!

For a couple of days ago, Ubuntu team had released "highly-Unity-improved" gtk3 3.1.10-0ubuntu3...

... OMG! what a fxxk!! X(

yeah both on gnome-shell, gnome-fallback, even pantheon, we had seen very ugly situations. yep, this gtk3 had avoided the options "show/hide menubar" on each apps, for example, gnome-terminal, marlin and so on...


The developers couldn't imagine such ugly situations?! and even more worth, current 0ubuntu3 forced nautilus's menubar placing on top of wallpaper, so we could see this crazy menubar in case applying transparent gnome-shell theming... and wallpaper shifted because of menubar got in this way.

I could NEVER stand for it!! so I've aploaded "reverted" gtk3 released as 0ubuntu1, yeah although it has menu_proxy patch, but its effectiveness never got my way! :-)
Exactly I'm enough on the version I've uploaded on my PPA. because this reverted gtk3 had the best well-balanced compatibilities for both unity and gnome-shell!! the current? absolutely damned because they had completely ignored any other desktop environments, you know?!

If they're willing to go this "stand-play" on, I won't use Unity. yeah this modifications ignores any gtk3 useful apps experiences. finally, the real evil is the "global-menu"?! X(

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