Sunday, August 28, 2011

[e]Pantheon-ish gnome-shell theming [day #3]

Today I've pushed updates ver.3.1.4~oneiric9...

[changelog - 3.1.4~oneiric9 #1]
* unfortunately from Gnome-Shell 3.1.4, the codes of extensions were changed dramatically, So a lot of personal extensions would not be loaded... X(
Finally I've used the workaround for "Activities" face filled with text label. In this time, we could change the label to the icon via gnome-shell theme, once you guys applied my theme, the label had been vanished and elementary logo appeared. :P

[changelog - 3.1.4~oneiric9 #2]
* Fixed the position of "running-indicator" from bottom to left. Looks like Plank.

These changes only for 3.1.4 or higher. Since 3.1.4 might break many extensions.

Have a nice day!! :-)

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