Monday, August 29, 2011

[e]Pantheon-ish gnome-shell theming [day #4]

Today I've pushed updates ver.3.1.4~oneiric13...

[changelog - 3.1.4~oneiric13]

Gnome-Shell has Workspace-Switcher as well. but everybody loves elementary icon theming? no... no... so I've replaced arrow icons to Faience theme!! :P and then, a lot of polishes has been applied to be fitted to the latest elementary.

We would never be satisfied!! :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

[e]Pantheon-ish gnome-shell theming [day #3]

Today I've pushed updates ver.3.1.4~oneiric9...

[changelog - 3.1.4~oneiric9 #1]
* unfortunately from Gnome-Shell 3.1.4, the codes of extensions were changed dramatically, So a lot of personal extensions would not be loaded... X(
Finally I've used the workaround for "Activities" face filled with text label. In this time, we could change the label to the icon via gnome-shell theme, once you guys applied my theme, the label had been vanished and elementary logo appeared. :P

[changelog - 3.1.4~oneiric9 #2]
* Fixed the position of "running-indicator" from bottom to left. Looks like Plank.

These changes only for 3.1.4 or higher. Since 3.1.4 might break many extensions.

Have a nice day!! :-)

[e]Marlin got a new config appearance like Switchboard's Plug...

See it! Cool! :)

I like such button-ish tab than classical tab...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[e]Pantheon-ish gnome-shell theming [day #2]

I've polished the appearances on "modal dialogs"...

Then version 1.0~oneiric6 is now current!! :-) Stay-tuned!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[gtk3]Revive the "Run Dialog" on gnome-shell!!

In a couple of days ago, we had experienced the ugly situations on gnome-shell... X(

Yeah "Run Dialog" when pressing Alt+F2 ignores any inputs, so it always said "command not found"... OMG...
After googling, it seems to be caused this patch:

Finally I've uploaded dispatched version to my PPA... and now I'm testing it by myself, it seems OK!! :)

Why I had focused that tiny dialog?

Yep, we sometimes need to run some gtk apps with "gksu", but unfortunately overview of gnome-shell couldn't handle it properly. or we had kicked terminal whenever we need such super-users? no... no... that's the reason why I've reverted it, you know. :P

EDIT Jul.24

I've found this workaround caused the failure of python's gobjects... X(
For example, gnome-tweak-tool. yeah it gave me the errors on python. so in this period, I had to purge dispatched gobject, and then, I've also push the new pygobject package to PPA... yeah ver.2.90 would help us I hope.

Monday, August 22, 2011

[e]Pantheon-ish gnome-shell theming is comming!! :)

Just now I've uploaded this theme to my PPA!!:

* The color schemes goes almost same as current elementary theming.
* Top-panel was applied for Wingpanel-ish HUD style.
* Popup menus has also very similar appearances to elementary gtk3 theming.

Let's enjoy it! :-)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Funny discussions are still keeping to waste the papers...

Did you see the article of "switchboard" on OMG! Ubuntu?

...laugh them up!! :)

Yeah the audiences seemed to keep useless discussions yet... almost the point of view slipped away, you know?

Switchboard is the nice approach for the global system configurations on various distributions. and most remarkable thing is the constructions of switchboard. yeah it contains a lot of tools as "modules". the modularity design is the very core of elementary's philosophy.

Even desktop environments, the elementary team keeps them as "modules". so I really like such development focusing!! :-)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[gtk3]Kill the "menu_proxy"!!

For a couple of days ago, Ubuntu team had released "highly-Unity-improved" gtk3 3.1.10-0ubuntu3...

... OMG! what a fxxk!! X(

yeah both on gnome-shell, gnome-fallback, even pantheon, we had seen very ugly situations. yep, this gtk3 had avoided the options "show/hide menubar" on each apps, for example, gnome-terminal, marlin and so on...


The developers couldn't imagine such ugly situations?! and even more worth, current 0ubuntu3 forced nautilus's menubar placing on top of wallpaper, so we could see this crazy menubar in case applying transparent gnome-shell theming... and wallpaper shifted because of menubar got in this way.

I could NEVER stand for it!! so I've aploaded "reverted" gtk3 released as 0ubuntu1, yeah although it has menu_proxy patch, but its effectiveness never got my way! :-)
Exactly I'm enough on the version I've uploaded on my PPA. because this reverted gtk3 had the best well-balanced compatibilities for both unity and gnome-shell!! the current? absolutely damned because they had completely ignored any other desktop environments, you know?!

If they're willing to go this "stand-play" on, I won't use Unity. yeah this modifications ignores any gtk3 useful apps experiences. finally, the real evil is the "global-menu"?! X(

Friday, August 12, 2011

[ibus]Fujiwara-san's gjs is comming!! :)

What a nice!! lol

Yeah this is the gnome-shell extension and patched ibus... For a long time we've been waiting such implementations for Japanese Input Method on Gnome-Shell. Because default ibus couldn't be loaded on the top-panel of GS... X(

After my ssh-keys had prepared on new X121e, I would upload this on my PPA soon!! :P

[x121e]it landed!!

yeah a bit thiner, lighter, but larger...

this Zacate model seems almost same as X120e! :P
E-350, RadeonHD 6310, 8GB RAM, Bluetooth, Realtek Wifi and 3cell battery.
it's completely not even cheep, but I'm willing to love this baby!! lol

Monday, August 01, 2011

Let's saving the power with Granola!!

Which did you guys prefer to as power saving tools?
me? I'm loving "granola" so much. :)

The granola for linux takes a lot of advantages on both Intel and AMD platform  to save the power... it would be the best replacement stuff from "cpufreqd". today on oneiric, unfortunately default cpufreqd seems wasting much power as running. for example, my X120e has AMD E-350 "Fusion APU", but cpufreqd didn't handle lowest clock 800 MHz... damned. E-350 had 3 states on CPU frequency. 1.6 GHz, 1.28 GHz and 800 MHz. however only granola seems to be good to decrease the clock to lowest 800 MHz obviously. and most remarkable thing is that granola didn't need any special tunings to run as well-balanced "ondemand" power saving daemon, yeah download it, install it and reboot. that's all. in this period, granola team didn't have oneiric package, but don't worry about that. natty package could be installed and run on oneiric perfectly!! :P

Oh forgot to mention! the machine heating could be solved dramatically as well!! so if you guys has something like  "Hotplate" computing, let's granoling! :-)