Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[x121e]My order had been accepted and comming soon!!

I've bought new small X platform "X121e". last week I've sent money and today I've received mail from lenovo... :)

so which did I prefer to AMD/ATI or Intel? yep, nothing  but AMD!! I really hate Intel especially on Open Source divisions... so I would never be willing to buy any Intel mobile notebook in the future... :P because on me, I strongly need Linux capabilities on notebook/netbook to use in both office/home work. Windows? I didn't know that at all...

The specifications of X121e is now similar to X120e, yeah almost same. Sandy Bridge? what's that? XD it really doesn't matter for me. my ordered CTO machine is almost highest and expensive on AMD model. E-350, max RAM, SSD, bluetooth, and English K/B. surely wifi chip I've selected is Realtek, yeah off-cource! NO Intel...

I'm waiting for it had shipped and reaching my home! :)

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