Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I didn't use Unity now..?

For a couple of weeks Oneiric grows up rapidly... so many people had experienced some newer gtk3 apps on the "shell". But today Unity is... umm.... damned.


I suppose some points:

1. Unity is too slow - yeah that's critical. wasting a lot in almost cases. the evil was compiz? or anything else?
2. Still haven't themerable - OMG... the Unity Panel is really ugly mad!! I think it's better to theming via ccsm or so.
3. Gnome-Shell is fast - yep. to load, switch to overview,  gtk3 compatibilities, indicators, almost is better than current Unity especially speed.
4. Number of bugs -  Unity has the flood of bugs in there. many cases had been kept remaining from Natty... when finished?
5. Unity-2D didn't follow 3D properly - yes. I really hate Unity-panel. on Oneiric, 2D panel looks ugly on the area of indicators.

So today I'm playing with Gnome-Shell or Pantheon....

I'm afraid that when Unity  work on Wayland??? be in time to release 12.04???

Here is my shot on today...
Yeah my Pantheon!! modded wingpanel and docky. and surely using elemetnary-borderless theming, you know.


  1. We're never satisfied.. :D
    I'm currently using Unity2D on both a nvidia250gts and also on the little poulsbo, I prefer over Unity3D/Compiz and I feel comfortably.
    Ambiance theme is enough good..i'm using it also to contribute with some code to the gtk3-css version.
    At the same time I can't get used with gnomeshell and pantheon as well (new wing-panel is really nice btw!)

    a couple of shots I was going to post in Screenshot thread:

  2. Hi Luca. :)

    yeah that's right...
    and sounds cool that ambience theme had improved Unity appearance! I gotta try too.

    then about wingpanel, yep that's great. lightweight, sexy, and good compatibilities with current indicators. and developers now are considering some "css themeing" for wingpanel. OK Cool!! :-)

    so I might have to solve ugly appearance with elementary-gtk on Unity-panel... :)