Sunday, July 24, 2011

[unity-2d]experimental indicator-power-gtk2 landed!! :)

From a couple of weeks ago, I'm playing with Oneiric. but in oneiric, due to the combination of gtk2/gtk3, sometimes it lost important indicators... XD

So I've tried to revive inidcator for battery named "indicator-power-gtk2". yeah it based similar name indicator-power gtk3 indicator.

Today I could make it land on unity-2d gtk2 panel...
Yep. indicator runs with gtk2 engine!!
and from this menu, we could kick gtk3 "power settings" tools and/or so... but unfortunately sometimes unstable especially when the toggle "show time remaining" on, crash it... X( damned.


  1. I'm trying to get rid of Unity in my Oneiric and this is the last thing I can see between me and my goal. I can't make indicator-power-gtk2 work properly on awn, the indicator is there but it don't show the correct icon (or just don't show any icon at all). I think this isn't the best (I could say 'correct') place to ask for help,but this is the first link in Google search, and you did it! There are differences between run an indicator on unity-2d and run it on awn-applet-indicator, but, so, if you have any idea of an start point, or an angle to see the light at the end of the tunnel... I certainly would appreciate any answer you give me, thank you :)

  2. Hi Botouls. :)

    Yeah Today I've confirmed your issue on awn...
    I suppose it might be caused by "awn-extras" source package, especially indicator library entries.

    So now I'm starting patchworks for awn-extras, but unfortunately this package had some broken build dependencies, damned! :/ then I could not build it on precise...

    Anyway I would upload it on my ppa for oneiric and hopefully awn maintainer could help me and you! :-)

    Please give a bit more time to solve this...

  3. Thanks Tista,
    I'm really very interested in make Oneiric works perfectly without Unity, unfortunately my knowledge about programming comes down to PyS60 (scientific programming for smartphones).

    The only two things left are:
    1-make Nautilus file transfer dialog do not disappear when minimized (this is due to libunity integrating nautilus and unity). We can handle this using alternative file manager and forget nautilus existence =)
    2-make system (or system-like) power indicator be shown and work properly with the other indicators. The workaround for this is quite simple when using awn, just enable battery applet and it's done. Well, only if the appearance don't bother you (and it bothers me a lot).

    Anyway, I'm very happy to see your answer.
    Take your time.
    doumo arigatou gozaimasu (I think is something like this =D)