Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My modded Unity-2D landed on PPA!! :-)

Here is that:
Yep. Ultra-thin Launcher had improved. and also it had used elementary-borderless theming and Faenza-Cupertino icons.

The launcher has 24x24px icons, total width had been limited under 40px.
 if you guys were playing with small notebook/netbook/tablet, I suppose it had low resolution LCD, so it might help them especially "space saving".

But today it has some issues on global-menu appearance. yeah global-menu indicator already been embedded on Unity-2D-panel, however this indicator seems to look at gtk menubar theming to make its appearance, so if you use elementary-borderless theming, the global-menu had been disappeared. but don't worry. if you once clicked the position around the menu, you could confirm the menu is arrived. on that point, the Ambiance theming would be better because of its dark menubar appearance.

I didn't upload latest elementray-borderless theming to improve dark panel appearance on gnome-panel, unity-2d-panel, lxpanel and so, but ASAP I would do that.

Stay tuned!! :)


I prefer this combinations:
Yeah Wingpanel & Unity-2d-launcher.
today unity-2d didn't use gtk3 anymore, but wingpanel did. :) I prefer "centered clock" as well!! otherwise I don't like global-menu.. X( elementary apps already has the option in toolbar, yep "hide menubar". I love it. so it's enough for me as wingpanel. hopefully wingpanel could make css theming real perfectly ! it's not fully improved now, gradient shading via background-image function and so.

Finally, what is the most important thing for graphical shell? --- Yes. fast and simplicity. boot quickly, login quickly, and makes apps faster and faster...


  1. Well, it seems we have done the same changes to unity-2d.. launcher size and theme :)
    About indicators (menu and applets) they are moving to gtk3 implementation so probably that issue will disappear.


  2. Hi Luca.

    I hope too.
    today Unity-3D has the option "launcher width" on ccsm. but 2d didn't... XD
    and also I'm afraid that inidicator-power didn't work properly... yeah it's very important for Laptops. :P