Saturday, July 30, 2011

[gnome-shell]Funny extensions makes gnome-shell better...

Yeah sometimes we couldn't be satisfied the Look & Feel of apps out of the box, right?

Here is my gnome-shell employed a lot of extensions and dirty hackishes!

So what are the differences between Gnome-Shell and the others out of the box?
  • classical main menu had gone away.
  • task managements were moved to "overview".
  • needed Alt key to be appeared "shutdown" menu entry.
  • looks better if Alt-Tab window switcher had beauty thumbnails.
  • top panel always is wasting spaces such dull.
You guys already had been disappointed? XP but wait a minuite! we could make gnome-shell be closer to us. yeah "extensions". I've already uploaded some extensions to my PPA for oneiric :P

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