Saturday, July 23, 2011

[e][unity-2d]kill the ugly Ambiance icons!!

For a long time, unity-2d had applied Ambiance theming for default... to be honest, I didn't like such "Orange-ish" theming... XD

so today just now I'm uploading newer unity-2d and elementary-borderless theme for resolving that ugly appearance!!

Here is the shot using my modded apps:
yep. when we got apps maximize, we could see that close/minimize/unmaximize buttons to be replaced metacity window frame. in past, there stayed Ambiance buttons but today we could use Faenza-ish buttons. ;) the combination of elementary-borderless and unity-2d on my PPA give us such "eye-friendly" appearance.

I've forked some pixmaps from Faenza and modded them to fit to dark panel. these pixmaps would be included in elementary-borderless theme (especially metacity directory). :P

Soon my PPA build would finish and you could see this modifications on your PC...

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