Saturday, July 30, 2011

[gnome-shell]Funny extensions makes gnome-shell better...

Yeah sometimes we couldn't be satisfied the Look & Feel of apps out of the box, right?

Here is my gnome-shell employed a lot of extensions and dirty hackishes!

So what are the differences between Gnome-Shell and the others out of the box?
  • classical main menu had gone away.
  • task managements were moved to "overview".
  • needed Alt key to be appeared "shutdown" menu entry.
  • looks better if Alt-Tab window switcher had beauty thumbnails.
  • top panel always is wasting spaces such dull.
You guys already had been disappointed? XP but wait a minuite! we could make gnome-shell be closer to us. yeah "extensions". I've already uploaded some extensions to my PPA for oneiric :P

Friday, July 29, 2011

Amazing Full-CG... amazing...

Did you know that?

Yeah Alex Roman. unbelievable work... lol
I love such cool movies!! :)

[e]Wingpanel had come back with panel-ish style...

The current my elementary-borderless theming also improves wingpanel style!! :)

The latest wingpanel showed on top of screens. yeah it seems like classic gnome-panel-ish dark gradients.
so if you guys wanna use global gtk theming style to wingpanel, set it via "dconf-editor" (like my shot). :) and enjoy!!

[unity-2d]gtk3-engined panel had landed!! :P

Today I've updated to latest and I was really surprised that unity-2d-panel had approved gtk3 engine!! lol

and then I've uploaded elementary-borderless theme to improve panel appearance...

Yes. this time I could succeed to apply global-menu appearance to fit to elementary dark menu!! :) surely I gonna polish some color schemes and unfinished "ugly Ambiance buttons"... I didn't have any ideas who loves such orange-ish buttons??? X(

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[x121e]My order had been accepted and comming soon!!

I've bought new small X platform "X121e". last week I've sent money and today I've received mail from lenovo... :)

so which did I prefer to AMD/ATI or Intel? yep, nothing  but AMD!! I really hate Intel especially on Open Source divisions... so I would never be willing to buy any Intel mobile notebook in the future... :P because on me, I strongly need Linux capabilities on notebook/netbook to use in both office/home work. Windows? I didn't know that at all...

The specifications of X121e is now similar to X120e, yeah almost same. Sandy Bridge? what's that? XD it really doesn't matter for me. my ordered CTO machine is almost highest and expensive on AMD model. E-350, max RAM, SSD, bluetooth, and English K/B. surely wifi chip I've selected is Realtek, yeah off-cource! NO Intel...

I'm waiting for it had shipped and reaching my home! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

[unity-2d]experimental indicator-power-gtk2 landed!! :)

From a couple of weeks ago, I'm playing with Oneiric. but in oneiric, due to the combination of gtk2/gtk3, sometimes it lost important indicators... XD

So I've tried to revive inidcator for battery named "indicator-power-gtk2". yeah it based similar name indicator-power gtk3 indicator.

Today I could make it land on unity-2d gtk2 panel...
Yep. indicator runs with gtk2 engine!!
and from this menu, we could kick gtk3 "power settings" tools and/or so... but unfortunately sometimes unstable especially when the toggle "show time remaining" on, crash it... X( damned.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

[e][unity-2d]kill the ugly Ambiance icons!!

For a long time, unity-2d had applied Ambiance theming for default... to be honest, I didn't like such "Orange-ish" theming... XD

so today just now I'm uploading newer unity-2d and elementary-borderless theme for resolving that ugly appearance!!

Here is the shot using my modded apps:
yep. when we got apps maximize, we could see that close/minimize/unmaximize buttons to be replaced metacity window frame. in past, there stayed Ambiance buttons but today we could use Faenza-ish buttons. ;) the combination of elementary-borderless and unity-2d on my PPA give us such "eye-friendly" appearance.

I've forked some pixmaps from Faenza and modded them to fit to dark panel. these pixmaps would be included in elementary-borderless theme (especially metacity directory). :P

Soon my PPA build would finish and you could see this modifications on your PC...

Friday, July 22, 2011

[radeon]vdpau had landed on our Radeon!!

Yeah experimental vdpau video playback on radeon is comming... wow!! lol

Already my PPA had applied some packages in development states. and don't forget about installing whole mesa packages and "libg3dvl-mesa".

 and then, install radeon/ati driver, latest libdrm, x11proto-gl from my PPA.

so... today we might have to do tweaks for system a bit. 

1-1. if you tried XvMC, edit the file:
gksu gedit /etc/XvMCConfig
  and add this line:
1-2. set the output in mplayer to play:
mplayer -vo xvmc MEDIAFILE

2-1. if you tried VDPAU, make the symlink within /usr/lib:
cd /usr/lib && sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/vdpau/
2-2.  set the output in mplayer to play:
mplayer -vo vdpau MEDIAFILE
2-3. if you need gnome-mplayer, set the preference like this:

2-3-1. remove any text from "video output":
2-3-2. add the external options in "extra options in mplayer":
    * as far as I know, if I set the output as vdpau in "video output", fails to play any video clips. X( and also needed -vf-clr options.

Today I've succeeded with vdpau in both mplayer/gnome-mplayer on Oneiric... :P

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zenity makes me happy a bit...

Today I've created tiny dialog using "Zenity".

Why zenity? yeah that's clearly because I had really poor brain for python or something like that... :P

Yep. today AWN had a lot of lack in indicators... damned.

Here is my dialog for "Quit Session":

And its code is here:

list=("Logout" "Suspend" "Reboot" "Shutdown")

answer=$(zenity --list --title="Quit Your Session..." --text="<span weight='bold'>Select Action</span>" --column actions ${list[@]} --hide-header --width=200 --height=200)

case ${answer} in
    sudo service lightdm restart ;;
    sudo pm-suspend ;;
    sudo reboot ;;
    sudo poweroff ;;

...What a poor developments!! lol
but works well! :) yeah surely using beautiful elementary gtk3.

guys let's give a try to make original zenity GUI. :-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to change the face of clock to "bold" on Unity-2D?

Today oneiric had few panel engined gtk2, so the rarely case is Unity-2D. X(

How do that?

Yeah that's simple thing. if you had some gtk config file for panel? I've already included it into elementar-borderless theme. so let's explain with using it.

Here is the rc file for gtk2 panel especially unity-2d-panel:

# ==============================================================================
# ==============================================================================

style "panel" = "dark"
    xthickness = 0
    ythickness = 0
    font_name = "bold"

    bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "img/panel.png"
    bg[NORMAL]      = "#383838"
    fg[NORMAL]        = "#FFFFFF"
    fg[PRELIGHT]      = "#FFFFFF"
    fg[ACTIVE]        = "#FFFFFF"
    fg[SELECTED]      = "#FFFFFF"
    fg[INSENSITIVE]   = darker (@bg_color_dark)  

    engine "murrine" {
        #contrast = 1.0
        textstyle = 2
        text_shade = 0.35

style "panel_task_button" = "dark"
    xthickness = 3
    xthickness = 3
    fg[NORMAL]        = "#FFFFFF"
    fg[PRELIGHT]      = "#FFFFFF"
    fg[ACTIVE]        = "#FFFFFF"
    fg[SELECTED]      = "#FFFFFF"
    fg[INSENSITIVE]   = darker (@bg_color_dark)  

    GtkWidget::focus-line-width        = 0
    GtkWidget::focus_padding           = 0
    GtkWidget::interior_focus          = 0
    GtkWidget::internal_padding        = 0

    GtkButton::child_displacement_x    = 0
    GtkButton::child_displacement_y    = 0
    GtkButton::default_border          = {0, 0, 0, 0}
    GtkButton::default_outside_border  = {0, 0, 0, 0}
    GtkButtonBox::child_internal_pad_x = 0
    GtkButtonBox::child_internal_pad_y = 0
    GtkButtonBox::child_min_heigth     = 0

    engine "pixmap" {
            function            = BOX
            recolorable         = TRUE
            state            = NORMAL
            file                = "img/panel-button-inactive.png"
            border              = { 1, 1, 1, 1 }
            stretch             = TRUE          
            function            = BOX
            recolorable         = TRUE
            state            = PRELIGHT
            file                = "img/panel-button-hover.png"
            border              = { 1, 1, 1, 1 }
            stretch             = TRUE

            function            = BOX
            recolorable         = TRUE
            shadow            = OUT
            state            = PRELIGHT
            file                = "img/panel-button-hover.png"
            border              = { 1, 1, 1, 1 }
            stretch             = TRUE
            function            = BOX
            recolorable         = TRUE
            shadow            = IN
            state            = PRELIGHT
            file                = "img/panel-button-hover.png"
            border              = { 1, 1, 1, 1 }
            stretch             = TRUE
            function            = BOX
            recolorable         = TRUE
            state            = ACTIVE
            file                = "img/panel-button-active.png"
            border              = { 4, 4, 4, 4 }
            stretch             = TRUE
            function            = BOX
            recolorable         = TRUE
            state            = INSENSITIVE
            file                = "img/panel-button-inactive.png"
            border              = { 1, 1, 1, 1 }
            stretch              = TRUE

#widget_class "*Panel*"            style "panel"
widget "*PanelWidget*"            style "panel"
widget "*PanelApplet*"            style "panel"
widget "*fast-user-switch*"       style "panel" # workaround for Fast User Switch applet
widget "*CPUFreqApplet*"          style "panel" # workaround for CpuFreq Applet
widget "*AppsMenu*"               style "panel"
class "PanelApp*"                 style "panel"
class "PanelToplevel*"            style "panel"
#widget_class "*Mail*"             style "panel"
widget_class "*notif*"            style "panel"
widget_class "*Panel*MenuBar*"        style "panel"
widget_class "*Panel*MenuItem*"        style "panel"
widget_class "*Panel*<GtkMenuBar>*"    style "panel"
widget_class "*Panel*<GtkMenuItem>*"    style "panel"

#widget_class "*?anel*utton"       style "panel_task_button" # causing problems to monodevelop
widget "*task*"                   style "panel_task_button"
widget "*.tasklist-button"        style "panel_task_button"
widget "*PanelApplet*TaskTitle*"  style "panel_task_button"

Only one line makes big difference... yeah you don't need to define any other font-family, size, and more... that's it.

Give it a try!! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My modded Unity-2D landed on PPA!! :-)

Here is that:
Yep. Ultra-thin Launcher had improved. and also it had used elementary-borderless theming and Faenza-Cupertino icons.

The launcher has 24x24px icons, total width had been limited under 40px.
 if you guys were playing with small notebook/netbook/tablet, I suppose it had low resolution LCD, so it might help them especially "space saving".

But today it has some issues on global-menu appearance. yeah global-menu indicator already been embedded on Unity-2D-panel, however this indicator seems to look at gtk menubar theming to make its appearance, so if you use elementary-borderless theming, the global-menu had been disappeared. but don't worry. if you once clicked the position around the menu, you could confirm the menu is arrived. on that point, the Ambiance theming would be better because of its dark menubar appearance.

I didn't upload latest elementray-borderless theming to improve dark panel appearance on gnome-panel, unity-2d-panel, lxpanel and so, but ASAP I would do that.

Stay tuned!! :)


I prefer this combinations:
Yeah Wingpanel & Unity-2d-launcher.
today unity-2d didn't use gtk3 anymore, but wingpanel did. :) I prefer "centered clock" as well!! otherwise I don't like global-menu.. X( elementary apps already has the option in toolbar, yep "hide menubar". I love it. so it's enough for me as wingpanel. hopefully wingpanel could make css theming real perfectly ! it's not fully improved now, gradient shading via background-image function and so.

Finally, what is the most important thing for graphical shell? --- Yes. fast and simplicity. boot quickly, login quickly, and makes apps faster and faster...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Unity-2D came back!! :)

Yeah here is my Unity-2D featuring elementary gtk theming and Faenza icons on panel/indicators:

But this mods needed some hackish way to unity-2d sources... because unity-2d always loads "Ambiance" gtk theme and "Ubuntu-mono-dark" icons. that's easy but needed to rebuild.

ASAP I would upload this elementary-borderless theme to PPA!! :P

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I didn't use Unity now..?

For a couple of weeks Oneiric grows up rapidly... so many people had experienced some newer gtk3 apps on the "shell". But today Unity is... umm.... damned.


I suppose some points:

1. Unity is too slow - yeah that's critical. wasting a lot in almost cases. the evil was compiz? or anything else?
2. Still haven't themerable - OMG... the Unity Panel is really ugly mad!! I think it's better to theming via ccsm or so.
3. Gnome-Shell is fast - yep. to load, switch to overview,  gtk3 compatibilities, indicators, almost is better than current Unity especially speed.
4. Number of bugs -  Unity has the flood of bugs in there. many cases had been kept remaining from Natty... when finished?
5. Unity-2D didn't follow 3D properly - yes. I really hate Unity-panel. on Oneiric, 2D panel looks ugly on the area of indicators.

So today I'm playing with Gnome-Shell or Pantheon....

I'm afraid that when Unity  work on Wayland??? be in time to release 12.04???

Here is my shot on today...
Yeah my Pantheon!! modded wingpanel and docky. and surely using elemetnary-borderless theming, you know.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

[radeon]mesa-7.12-devel gave Gallium back to me...

For a couple of days the Gallium3D OpenGL render had been broken on X120e (Radeon HD6310). but today the mesa 7.12-devel on Xorg-edgers PPA, had been loaded successfully!! :)

yeah exactly HD6310 needs this as render:
OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD PALM
not for "llvmpipe".

so if you guys seemed to fail loading Gallium driver, please check it out now on glxinfo!

on X120e, well known, fglrx had failed to kick gnome-shell... yeah the famous bug on fglrx. and wasn't solved yet even on 8.861. but that gallium on radeon driver would be OK to load any 3D desktop appearances!! wow!! :)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

[radeon]Wayland landed on X120e!! :P

Yeah here is the wayland-compositor on Xorg:
The radeon r600 Gallium3D driver could make the wayland real! you could see the main window shows "wayland-terminal" and "wayland-gears".

However today Oneiric has the package of wayland, this isn't so fresh... and also r600 driver didn't hadnle "llvmpipe" properly opposite to the latest.