Friday, June 17, 2011

[radeon]Gallium3D had truly landed!! :)

today I've updated GL and DRI libs to development state...

yeah here is the perfect appearance of Gnome-Shell!!

now Gnome-Shell/Unity-3D/Mutter works perfectly without fglrx's GL driver. what a fantastic!! :)
so for a meanwhile I would dive into radeon open-sourced driver. Gallium3D is quite fast and smoothly I've never seen on any other GPU... yeah so far from damned issues.

and finally, the most important thing is the radeon is the "KMS" driver. I hope it would work with Wayland! yep it's around time to say good-bye to Xorg.

I'm in love to radeon driver at all... :P


  1. well, well.. happy for you and your sparkling desktop! ;)

    OT: I was thinking to make a Gtk3 app for editing CSS themes via GUI. It should handle both Adwaita and Unico engines.

    Like a mix of WidgetFactory and Stylizer:

    It would be cool also if employing Gtk Broadway webkit backend:
    otherwise a simple gtk app for the desktop. Do you like it? Do you want to help me make this real?! :)

  2. Hi Luca. :)

    Gallium is really fast.... incredible.

    and let's open the project for gtk3 theming GUI!!
    what a nice idea. :P

    but I only know the code of Vala, Cairo, and C... am I help you? anyway all people loving gtk3 must need such GUI for theming... because today gnome3 didn't have any "appearance" tool for theming.

    finally "broadway" is really fun!! :D
    yeah you are the GUI guru...

  3. nice to hear..
    well, I only know a bit of Python (pytgk) and another bit of mono.. LOL
    (my php knowledge don't think it could be useful here :/ )

    another thing to try to include in this app should be gtkparasite to find gtk widget properties on the fly, a firebug-like tool for debugging and tinkering:

    Do we want to write in assembly?! ahhah
    what do you suggest to do?

  4. ahahaha!! :)
    yeah I won't write scratches in assembly!!

    I think umm..
    1. who guides to change values of widget properties? -> I like the config GUI tool of AWN. so I want something like that...
    2. who provides the GUI? -> simple gtk window writen in C++ or Vala or something like that...
    3. if values had changed, who applies this change? -> temporally we could write css file down and finally showed like "widget Factory" as preview...

    How about it? :P

  5. Oh forgot to mention.
    Could you open the new thread in Ubuntu forum? :P

    yeah I would join it!!

  6. I agree with config tool like AWN, it would be nice if it is placed side by side with widgetfactory interface.. so that you click on a particular widget and you can change properties from sidebar properties panel.

    Yes, obviously a css parser and writer is needed and a simple gtk window..

    This is what I was thinking about :)

    If you want you can modify this mockup by loading this xml:

    in this webapp for making mockups (import xml):

    What you think?
    I'm going to open a new thread on Ubuntu forum!

  7. here is the post:

  8. Oh great ideas in your mockup... :)
    I completely agree with your design...

    so I'm starting to learn gtk apps programming... yeah ASAP I would make apps as mockup!! today I would make it by written in vala codes to create C++ easily. :P

    keep up the amazing work!!

  9. To make this gui in Pygtk using Glade to build interface requires really few time.. for the inner function maybe a little more! LOL

    These were some stupid apps i made some time ago: