Friday, June 10, 2011

[psb_gfx]my daily branch had come back!!

Here is my daily contributed branch for gma500 believers. :)
 it includes latest codes provided from kernel guru of the Linux-Next.

Soon Alan's codes would be applied in git tree, so I also follow his cody... they seem to prepare the newer feature "multiple framebufferred KMS" in kernel. :P and kernel-3.0.0 had landed. but unfortunately fglrx could not be loaded properly... SHIT!!

I suppose some reasons. the most important thing is the proprietary graphic drivers would be almost so far from native KMS support... also the case of fglrx, this driver could not handle primary own framebuffer on 3.0.0. 3.0.0 seems to need KMS strongly. actually, such drivers would need some vesafb to kick plymouth.

Now I'm referring to 3.0.0 with fglrx via some kernel options, but it didn't work yet...

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